How can this happen?
Innocent people are dying.
The war needs to stop.
Men go overseas,
Looking all tough
And ready for their mission:
To serve their country.
And then as they say goodbye,
They cry and cry,
Like the tough men they are.
They don’t want to die.
They just want to help.
And it’s costing their lives.
Every day they wake up,
Fear in their eyes.
Is today the day they die?
Or will they survive another day in this hell?
Who gets to decide what will happen to these soldiers?
Whether they live or die?
Just to help and serve their country.
Is this really how to make peace?

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Stuck In A Fog

I feel the cold sand fall between my toes,
As I walk on and on.
The sky darkens and a thick fog sets in.
Chills run up and down my spine.
I think of him.
I look out towards the dramatic sea,
The stars and moon shinning across the rough water.
Soon the fog has taken over the shore.
I try to escape it but it’s useless.
Barely can I see my boney hand,
As the moon hides behind a cloud.
I feel just like the sea;
Dark, empty, rough, and hiding from the world.
I look to the sky and wish for hope to find me.
In the dark night sky,
I whisper his name;
No answer.
Again and again.
A tear slowly falls down my cheek.
I try to look beyond the fog-covered sea.
I step into the bone-chilling murky water,
To get a better view of the horizon.
I wish for him,
But he hasn’t emerged from the beautiful sea.
He belongs there,
While I belong here,
Stuck in a fog.
I wonder if I’ll ever see him again…

Lost In Touch.

[Verse 1]
I miss your eyes,
So easy to know,
So sad, it cries.
Seen you so long ago.

How are you doing?
I miss you so much.
Heard you were falling.
We’re so lost in touch.
[End Chorus]

[Verse 2]
Wish you were here.
I’m starting to fall too.
Please love me, dear.
Can’t you see I’m blue?

How are you doing?
I miss you so much.
Heard you were falling.
We’re so lost in touch.
[End Chorus]

[Verse 3]
Without you, I’m dull.
You’re such a sweetheart.
My love is lull.
I wish we weren’t apart.

I’m loosing you.
Without you, I’d die.
Please, don’t be true.
I don’t want to cry.

How are you doing?
I miss you so much.
Heard you were falling.
We’re so lost in touch.
[End Chorus]

[Verse 4]
I need you here.
I’m starting to fall down.
I disappeared.
I need you around.

Let me help you.
Let me need you.
Let me be with you,
Forever, baby.

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As The Days Grow Older.

As the days grow older,
I see your face less.
I still dream of when we were kids,
Playing together,
Like we had all the time in the world.
And yet,
I still love you.
I still miss you.
I still want you.

As the days grow older,
I notice we are too.

You are too far away to hear me cry now.
I can never rest my head on your shoulder,
And to think,
That everything was okay.

Now that it’s not,
I want to hide.
Just crawl up into a ball,
And hide in the shadows.

As the days grow older,
I cry less and less.
Because I’ve got nothing left.

Like every drop I ever had,
Flowed down a river and into a sea.
A sea that will always sit still,
A sea that I cannot reach.

As the days grow older,
I realize that my heart is no longer with me.
You took it away,
And won’t give it back.
No matter how hard I fight.
I cannot get it back.
For you’ve tore it into a million pieces,
And threw it into the garbage.

As the day grow older,
I know now that because of you,
I am now a mess.
I have no life.

As the day grow older,
I see now that no one cares for me.

Not even you.

As the days grow older,
And we’re over each other,
I can’t help but remember,
That night you took my breath away.
You showed me a world,
Where people could only dream about.
But now that dream is gone.

And now that it’s over,
I want all the pain to go away.

But as the days grow older,
The pain get worse and worse.
And I see the ones who used to care for me,
Pass by like I’m invisible.

All because of you.

As the days grow older,
I become less and less visible.
Like I never existed.

Like we ever happened.

As the days grow older,
I finally see you again,
I start to slowly die inside.

You walk right pass me,
Like I am invisible,
Even to you.

That night,
I think of you,
Like I do every night.

And as the days grow older,
I finally die in my sleep.

With my heart,
In your garbage.

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I love him dearly,
I miss him so;
But we’ve gotten so weary.

Without him it’s eerie,
He mustn’t go.
I love him dearly.

Expressing my love, sincerely.
I wish it wasn’t so,
But we’ve gotten so weary.

He says he’s sorry,
To leave me in woe.
I love him dearly.

His eyes are so lovely,
Yet I feel so low.
But we’ve gotten so weary.

My eyes are getting teary.
Where did he go?
I love him dearly,
But we’ve gotten so weary.

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The Unknown.

I sit and wait.

For what?

I don’t know.

All I know is that I feel hollow and lonely in a crowded room.

All I want to do is scream.

Scream because I’m tired of waiting.

Waiting for something or someone I don’t know about.

I don’t know why I’m waiting, but I am.

I’m starting to grow more and more impatient as the years pass by.

I don’t know if it’s something I need or someone I want.

Yet I still sit here, waiting for the unknown to occur.

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Storm Of An Angel.

I can hear the roaring in the distance. Light flashes surrounding the area. The wind picks up speed, making this damp hot night seem a little less tense.

Soon enough the thunder is above my head. I scream in surprise. Lightening starts coming down in quick jolts.

Then it happens. The Heavens open up and the rain starts to pour. My whole body is drenched from an Angel’s tears. Why? What did I do to make this happen? Why is an Angel crying for me?

The booming gets softer and the lightening comes less and less. The pouring rain starts slowing down and turns into a misty haze, still very humid. The wind is now a soft, cool breeze.

The storm is over. The dark night sky clears up. I can see the full moon and stars, as bright as the lightening bolts from before, painted across the dark back drop of a midnight summer.

The storm is gone. And so are the Angel’s tears.

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