Heylo everybody!

Okay, so I doubt anyone is reading this, but it doesn’t really matter to me. I’m using this as one of my many creative outlets. It’ll most likely have quotes, poems, fragments, short stories, etc. that I’ve written. It’s not to show you my skills, it’s to (like I said before) express myself in just another way. This way looking pretty. (:

I’ll post about once a day, the most. The minimum will be once a week. It depends if I want to share anything with you quickly or how much creativity I’m bursting with that week. So, if anyone is reading this, it’d be wonderful if you let me know what you think of my posts. Thanks so much (in advance). Hope you enjoy.

If you want to know about me go to that page (About Me), I’m not going to post it in this blog. It’s just too much repetition and it looks unoriginal.

Oh, and one last thing before I go. Everything is copyrighted, so if you steal you’re breaking the law. I will find you and report you to the police. Unlike my Mibba account, where it says I will hunt you down with a killer bunny. Screw that. I’m going to get you arrested, so watch it people.

I’m mostly a sweet person, but if you get on my bad side, you’ll wish you never, ever visited my blog. So, hope you all have a nice evening. Bye. (:


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