Who Is She?

She hangs her head in disgust and shame.
Who is she? What is her name?

She might stand straight and might stand tall.
But in her mind she feels so small.

She takes one step forward but three steps back.
Trying to block the next mental attack.

In her mind, she slowly breaks.
A broken record of her mistakes.

Her knees grow weak, she then stumbles.
Suddenly the world around her crumbles.

She tries to block the thoughts in her mind.
But they have a hold, they start to bind.

They start to squeeze and pull tight.
She feels the pain and feels the bite.

She presses her hands to her head.
To her horror, her wrists are stained red.

She watches the blood slide slowly down.
Wishing, in the blood, her pain will drown.

The thoughts have control, they have her bound.
She wishes that salvation could be found.

She starts to scream and starts to shout.
Her mind is starting to fill with doubt.

Who is she? She can’t remember.
Her mind is burning like a dying ember.

Even though it hurts, she draws a breath.
Through her agony, she screams for death.

Her heart beats but it starts to slow.
Devilish thoughts then start to grow.

One last scream as they take control.
She has no heart, mind or soul.

Here one moment and the next, gone.
Her last breath will kiss the dawn.

She lays her head down and sighs real deep.
Forever to lay there in her sleep.

2010 (c) Jennifer Gioia


5 thoughts on “Who Is She?”

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