Where Is My Destiny?

Okay, so I’m soooo sorry for taking so long. I bet you’re all used to me updating once a day. I’ve just been very busy with shuffling work, school, and finding free time to hang out with my love, Steven. Anywho, to make it up to you guys, I’ll post two poems today. Enjoy! (:

I can’t believe I let you in.
My memories faded,
But you still say “Hi”.
I look at you with regret and hate.
All you do is smile.
I walk away, you follow each step.
I can’t help it, I need to get away.
Longing for the cool hands of fate to take me away.
I call to it many different ways,
But alas, it passes me, and I am stuck here still.
Waiting for you to leave, and for my destiny to begin.

2010 (c) Jennifer Gioia


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