Stuck In A Fog

I feel the cold sand fall between my toes,
As I walk on and on.
The sky darkens and a thick fog sets in.
Chills run up and down my spine.
I think of him.
I look out towards the dramatic sea,
The stars and moon shinning across the rough water.
Soon the fog has taken over the shore.
I try to escape it but it’s useless.
Barely can I see my boney hand,
As the moon hides behind a cloud.
I feel just like the sea;
Dark, empty, rough, and hiding from the world.
I look to the sky and wish for hope to find me.
In the dark night sky,
I whisper his name;
No answer.
Again and again.
A tear slowly falls down my cheek.
I try to look beyond the fog-covered sea.
I step into the bone-chilling murky water,
To get a better view of the horizon.
I wish for him,
But he hasn’t emerged from the beautiful sea.
He belongs there,
While I belong here,
Stuck in a fog.
I wonder if I’ll ever see him again…
2010 (c) Jennifer Gioia

One thought on “Stuck In A Fog”

  1. The fog is coming. Pushing into the sand my bare feet move me, always further and why I know, looking but there is still nothing there. My toes seem to keep the only record of any passing, moving sand, all of this sand between them, none stay. Its colder now. The fog has overtaken all the drama of the sea and darkened those reflections, the moon shining, the stars on rough water no more. In moments I meet it, my hand up empty, rough and dark and hiding from the world, and that moon gone now too. I feel like the sea. Again I say his name, but it is not the words that call him. I hide my tears from the fog that would remove them in itself like it has the sea. The water is colder and the tear falls down as I wish for him. I wonder in the fog here with him there, somewhere and a beautiful sea. I will not see him again.

    I thought I would “reformat” your poem into a story. I used to write lots of peotry and then a good friend of mine did the same thing for me and I have been writing stories eversince. You have great emotions and visuals. Everything comes from these two things. Ideas will happen when the heart and the eye are right.

    Best of luck writing!

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