What’s Inside Your Mind?

What do you think of when you’re with me?

Do you feel nervous?

Or miss me at all?

Or wonder how I am doing?

What’s going through your mind?

I want to know

Because I can’t decide

How I feel when I am around you.

All I know is that

You can make me smile

Like no one else.

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I’m Sick And Tired

I’m sick and tired

Of hiding my true feelings.


Why do I always have to have

A fake smile plastered onto my face?

Why do I always have to

Act all silly and crazy?

Why can’t I act

All sad and angry?


I’m sick and tired

Of pretending to be someone

I’m not.


I want to show the world

The true me,

But am I scared to know what they will think

Of the real me?

Or am I just so used to hiding who I am,

That I forgot who I really am?


I’m sick and tired

Of wearing a mask

To hide my true identity.


I wish I could remember

What I really look like;

What I really feel like;

What I really think like;

What I really act like.


I’m sick and tired

Of hiding myself from

My friends;

My family;

My loved ones;

Even from myself.


I wish I could just start over,

And act, think, feel, and look

Like how I really am.

Who I really am.


I’m sick and tired

Of feeling trapped in a life

That I created.

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