What’s Inside Your Mind?

What do you think of when you’re with me?

Do you feel nervous?

Or miss me at all?

Or wonder how I am doing?

What’s going through your mind?

I want to know

Because I can’t decide

How I feel when I am around you.

All I know is that

You can make me smile

Like no one else.

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Thoughts, Dreams, Legends.

“The unreal is more powerful than the real,

because nothing is as perfect as you can imagine it.

Because its only intangible ideas, concepts, beliefs, fantasies that last.

People, well, they die, but things as fragile as a thought,

a dream, a legend, they can go on and on.”

– Chuck Palahniuk


I Miss You. (Full story from past post)

Carly’s life hasn’t been the greatest. Her parent’s died in a freak car accident, her older brother/guardian, Chuck, is a deadbeat, and she’s not only starving herself, but clinically depressed and maybe suicidal. Will Carly ever be able to escape this horrid life of hers?

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Finishing A Book

“Finishing a book is like you took a child in the backyard and shot it.”

– Truman Capote


I’m Sick And Tired

I’m sick and tired

Of hiding my true feelings.


Why do I always have to have

A fake smile plastered onto my face?

Why do I always have to

Act all silly and crazy?

Why can’t I act

All sad and angry?


I’m sick and tired

Of pretending to be someone

I’m not.


I want to show the world

The true me,

But am I scared to know what they will think

Of the real me?

Or am I just so used to hiding who I am,

That I forgot who I really am?


I’m sick and tired

Of wearing a mask

To hide my true identity.


I wish I could remember

What I really look like;

What I really feel like;

What I really think like;

What I really act like.


I’m sick and tired

Of hiding myself from

My friends;

My family;

My loved ones;

Even from myself.


I wish I could just start over,

And act, think, feel, and look

Like how I really am.

Who I really am.


I’m sick and tired

Of feeling trapped in a life

That I created.

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I’m super happy!

Today is Steven and I’s third month anniversary! :D It’s a big deal to me, so don’t leave a comment saying that it’s really short. I don’t care.

I love my Steven<3