Chocolate Is…

Chocolate is good.

Chocolate is great.

Chocolate is everything you should love

And not hate!

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Wikipedia’s Donations?

Wikipedia is asking anyone and everyone to donate $5.00 to keep their “Free Encyclopedia” site free.

I’d just like to know, if it’s free then why are we being asked to give $5.00?

I’m just saying…

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Suffers from this loneliness?

I wonder if anyone else suffers from this loneliness?

Where you wait for that special “someone” to fill you and make you complete.

But you always try to fit someone else in there, because they’re all that’s around at the moment.

Yet they’re never a perfect match.

And you’re scared that you’ll never find that special “someone”.

The someone that makes you who you are.

I know I’m not the only one out there…

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One-Act Play: A Chill In The Air.

Modern twist on Beauty And The Beast. My most favorite fairytale ever! :D Had to write a one-act play based on an old fairytale or fable and make it modern for my Creative Writing class. It had to be about twenty minutes long and I have no idea how long twenty minutes is so if you know, please let me know if I met the requirements. Thanks. :)Took me a little over a month, and it’s a week over-due, but it’s finished and that’s all that matters. It was supposed to be longer in some parts, but I had to rush it. So since I’m sick of this play, and don’t want to spend more time on it anymore, you’ll just have to read this version. Either way, enjoy!(:

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