A Hero To Me Is My Mother

“Our society uses the word hero in many different ways.” According to Dictionary.com, the definition of a hero is “a man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities.” I believe that a hero is more than just a “man”. A hero can be a woman, an animal, or even something intangible.

However, I agree that a hero is someone you admire; but they don’t have to be brave or noble. A hero could just be a kind-hearted human being who cares for others other than themselves. A hero to me is someone who will stand up for what they believe is right. A hero is someone who won’t stand by and watch someone else’s dreams get smashed, or even their own. A hero to me is someone who does good for the world and changes it for the better, no matter how small or big the impact. A hero doesn’t do it for the popularity or the praise. They do it because it makes them feel good to see those smiling faces all thanks to them.

I have many heroes in my life. However, I believe the most impacted hero in my life is my mother. She has done so much to help my little brother and I grow up to have a happy and safe childhood. She goes to work everyday, and still has time to come home and be a mom. She cooks, cleans, takes care of our dogs, and us. She is what keeps this family together day-by-day, bringing laughter into our lives. My mother is my hero for the simple fact that she can do so much impact in our everyday normal lives.

A hero to me is my mother.

2010 (c) Jennifer Gioia


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