A Life Full Of Laughter.

I wrote this as an assignment for my Journalism class. It was for This I Believe. This I Believe is an international project engaging people in writing, sharing, and discussing the core values and beliefs that guide their daily lives. To learn more or see more essays go to: http://thisibelieve.org/.


She hangs her head low in despair and wishes for her life to take a change. She is blind to the love, the happiness, the laughter, in her life. She does not know of laughter. She does not know that laughter can be magical. Laughter is for those who find something funny. It is for those who can’t stop smiling. Laughter is for anyone, and everyone. It’s for people who need a cheerful day. Laughter is magical; she just doesn’t know it yet. But she will.

Laughter is crucial to an everyday normal life. Without laughter, the world would be a dull place. No one would smile, because they would not know the definition of happiness. Laughing brings you happiness in every which way and form. For her, without laughter, her life has been dug into a deep depression. All she needs is a little laughter to lift her up out of that hole.

What some people don’t know about laughter is that it’s not only for humor, it’s for happiness. Laughter can make someone’s day. You can just be laughing at absolutely nothing with your friends, I know everybody does that, and if it’s a real laugh, it’ll bring a real smile. If you have a real smile on your face, your day will look brighter; you will want to wake up in the morning and start your life all over again.

Once she laughs, she’ll smile. And once she smiles her life will be full of love, happiness, and laughter; these are three magical ingredients to a great life. So she is told to laugh, to smile. Even if it’s the littlest, most stupid thing to laugh at. Even if you feel weird doing it. Smile. Laugh. You will feel better. So she does.

That girl was me a couple of years ago. I was going down, and I didn’t see a way up. Until my best friend told me of laughter. Laughter was the rope that pulled me up out of that hole I dug myself into. Now all I ever do is laugh and smile. And they’re real. I laugh at everything, and I don’t feel weird about it anymore. I laugh at stupid things, funny things, cute things, everything. And I mean every single one of them.

Once laughter was brought into my life, my world looked better than ever before. Now I look forward to everyday, wondering what life will bring me to laugh at.

2010 (c) Jennifer Gioia


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