One-Act Play: A Chill In The Air.

Modern twist on Beauty And The Beast. My most favorite fairytale ever! :D Had to write a one-act play based on an old fairytale or fable and make it modern for my Creative Writing class. It had to be about twenty minutes long and I have no idea how long twenty minutes is so if you know, please let me know if I met the requirements. Thanks. :)Took me a little over a month, and it’s a week over-due, but it’s finished and that’s all that matters. It was supposed to be longer in some parts, but I had to rush it. So since I’m sick of this play, and don’t want to spend more time on it anymore, you’ll just have to read this version. Either way, enjoy!(:

The scene opens up to Belle Shine wearing a black skirt that ends mid-thigh, gray tights, and a white blouse. Her hair is down, some-what frazzled looking. She is walking around the stage set of her living room; a small modern cottage in Massachusetts. There is a lilac plush couch leaning against the purple painted wall with black and silver pillows. Perpendicular to it on the left is an armchair in the same purple. In between is a black doggie bed. The coffee table is all glass, covered in magazines, books, and a glass vase full of daisies. There is a fireplace parallel to the coffee table with white brick, the fire roaring away. Next to the fireplace is the front door made of white wood with a lilac curtain sweeping down the window on the upper half of the door.


Belle: sighs, frustrated Daren! Have you seen the dog? I need to feed him dinner.


Daren Shine walks on stage, entering from the left.


Daren: No, I haven’t. Do you think he could have run away again? His voice filled with concern.

B: I don’t know. Maybe.


D: runs out the front door, screaming, Charlie! Charlie! Where are you, Charlie?


B: Daren! Come back here!


The scene changes to the snow covered forest that surrounds their cottage. Belle is running, trying to keep up with Daren against the cold wind. She stops and looks all around.


B: Daren? DAREN! She screams, her voice shrill with fear.


She walks around and around the forest, then gives up, sighs, and sits on a log.


B: almost loosing hope, What will I do? Not only is the dog missing, but so is Daren! I’m such a horrible sister.


Belle gets up and walks in no particular direction, just hoping to stumble upon her brother and Charlie. Instead, she stumbles upon a manor, with white siding and black shutters. There’s a large black iron gate surrounding the property. She walks up to the Iron Gate door; it’s height practically double of hers. She hears a buzzing sound and the gate opens slowly, creaking as it does. She runs along the path until she reaches the front door.

B: knocking frantically on the front door, pleading, Help! Please! Help me!


The door opens and a man in a butler’s uniform steps out. His black hair is slick and pulled back, his mustache is styled in an outdated French twist.


Butler: with a French accent, Yes? May I help you?


Belle: worry is written on her face, Please! My little brother and dog is lost in the woods and I cannot find him!


Butler: worry strikes his face quickly, Please! Come in! I will let Master Toronto know. Hopefully he can help you.


Belle follows the Butler inside to a parlor. The walls are painted in sepia mauve with gold trim and light brown curtains. There’s a small dark brown fireplace with a gold trimmed mirror above and gold sconces on each side. An oval table sits in the middle of the room sitting on a brown patterned rug with matching wooden chairs with pink floral cushions. A vintage wooden chandelier hangs above the table.


Belle: sits down on an armchair, looking around with anticipation.


A maid comes in, her light blonde hair bulled back into a bun, some strands falling out, showing a hard days work.


Maid: smiles kindly, Would you like some tea, Miss?


B: Yes, thank you.


The maid leaves and in walks the butler from before. Behind him is a young man in a navy sports jacket with matching pants. He has a white button down shirt with a light blue tie that is barely hanging on.


Trent: walking, looking at the floor, sounding impatient, I don’t think I can hel¾ he looks up at stops talking abruptly.

B: pleading Please! Sir Toronto! My brother, he’s only ten years old! He’s lost in the woods, looking for our black Labrador Charlie.


T: Well, I’ll think about it. But for now, you must stay here. The woods are dangerous at night.


B: worried sick to her stomach, Oh my God! Do you think Daren will be okay?


T: Daren?


B: My brother.


T: Oh, don’t worry. He’ll probably find somewhere safe to stay for the night. I don’t think I ever caught your name?

B: Belle Shine.


T: My name is Trent Toronto. I am the son of the deceased political figure, Carl Toronto. Do you know him? He ran for Governor in 2008. Unfortunately, he passed before they counted the vote. He would’ve won. So he’s left me with his fortune, including this house.


The maid from before walks back in carrying a tray of a teapot and a teacup and saucer. She hands the cup to Belle.


B: to the maid, Thanks. To Trent, Yes, I have heard of him. I’m sorry for your loss. Your house is beautiful, though.


T: Yeah, I know. So, my maid, Jill, will show you to your room.


B: Thanks. So are you going to help me though? You never gave me an answer.


T: Probably not. Goodnight.


B: furious, Wait, what? Screaming, What is wrong with you? My little brother is out there! He is ten. Years. Old. He’s a lost child in the woods! He’s probably scared and cold and hungry. It’s snowing outside too! He might freeze to death! And what do you say? Probably not! You have no compassion! What kind of human being are you?


T: screaming, You will not yell at me! Do you know who I am? I am Carl Toronto’s son! I do not deserve to get yelled at like that!


B: sarcastically, Yeah, big whoop!


T: You are lucky I am not throwing you out into the freezing forest like your brother is now!


B: Don’t you dare!


T: Jill, show her to her room! Storms away.

The maid, Jill, shows Belle to her room just as her master told her to do so. Belle walks in and Jill closes the door behind her. The room is an elegant beige cream theme. She sighs and climbs into bed, letting sleep take over her worrisome mind.


Daylight soon reaches Belle’s window and the maid quickly walks in.


Jill: urgency in her voice, Miss! Miss Landon! Please wake up!


Belle jumps up with a jolt.


B: Yes?


J: We’ve found a dog. He is a black Labrador. Please come down. It might be yours!


B: Charlie?!


Belle climbs out of bed quickly, pats down the wrinkles in her skirt and blouse and brushes her hair with her fingers. Jill opens the door and they both run quickly out of the room back to the parlor. Trent and the butler from before are whispering to one another. Two men in dark clothing and sunglasses stand by the entranceway, almost like guardsmen.


On the middle of the parlor table, there is a dog lying limp. His fur sticking together with blood. Belle squeaks in horror. She slowly walks up to the dog and cries out as she falls to the ground. Trent quickly catches her before she hits the floor and puts her in a chair.


B: breathing heavily, It’s… she takes a long pause and then a shaky breathe, Charlie.


J: I am so sorry, Miss.


B: to Trent, I thought you said you wouldn’t search.


T: I changed my mind. Big deal. He shrugs his shoulders.

B: Well, Trent. I owe you a thank you and an apology for yelling at you last night.


T: Yeah, whatever. We had breakfast waiting if you would like.


B: Yes, please. Let me just bury my dog. Sniffling as if crying.


She picks up Charlie with the help of the butler and leaves the room. As do the rest of the actors.


Time soon changes as winter reaches its end. Belle and Trent are seen sitting together in the parlor having a civilized mush-filled conversation. They are wearing very light clothes as spring nears.


T: So, I have some good news, darling.


B: Is that so?


T: I will finally be able to meet your brother.


B: Wait… What! You found Daren? Excitement in her voice.


T: Yes, my love. I have found him.


Belle gets up from her chair and gives Trent a great big hug.


B: starting to cry tears of joy, Oh thank you! Thank you! She gives him kisses all over his face and neck. Trent! You’re the best! When will I be able to see him?


T: smiling from ear-to-ear, then becoming serious, Well, Belle, he is very sick. My doctor believes he has hypothermia from being in the cold for the most of winter. He is sleeping right now, but before when he was awake, Jill was able to get him to speak. He said he had been hiding from cave to cave all around the forest from the dangerous animals. He’s a brilliant boy, your brother.


B: Oh, Trent! You don’t know how relieved I am! I’ve been living with guilt and stress for my brother for almost two months now!


A man walks in, wearing a black coat with a stethoscope around his neck, and holding a big black briefcase in his hand.


T: Ah, hello Dr. Emanuel.


Dr. Emanuel: Hello Mr. Toronto and Ma’am. Nods to Belle.


T: Any new news about the boy?


B: Yes! How is my brother?


Dr.: He is doing quite well for the situation he was in. He is awake now if you want to go see him. However, be quiet and gentle with him. He is still very weak.


B: Oh, thank you! She cries and runs out of the room.

Trent shakes Dr. Emanuel’s hand and he leaves. Trent follows Belle to see Daren.


Daren is bed-ridden in the bedroom Belle first spent the night in here at Trent Toronto’s manor.


B: Oh, Daren! She cries as she rushes to his side.


Daren: Belle? Is that you?


B: tears in her eyes, Yes, Daren. It’s me.


D: Did you find Charlie?


B: chuckling, Always thinking about others other than yourself, huh, Daren?


Daren smiles.


B: I’d like you to meet someone. He’s been with me the whole time of your disappearance and was the one who was in charge of your search and rescue team. He’s to thank for all of this, that you’re alive.


Trent walks over to the bed and shakes Daren’s hand.


T: Hello, Daren. It’s nice to finally meet my brother-in-law.


Brother-in-law? Belle and Daren say at the same time.

T: bends down on one knee, Belle? Will you marry me?


B: Oh yes! She cries.


D: sits up and starts clapping and laughing, Does that mean I get to live here with you two?


B: Of course it does, silly! Smiling brightly.

Belle and Trent kiss as the curtain draws to a close.



2010 (c) Jennifer Gioia


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