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The Greater Good of Mankind.

I’ve been so busy with studying for my Physics midterm that I didn’t have time to post yesterday! ):

I’m just so bored! And I have physical therapy and work all week also.

Life is just ‘effed up the way it works.

The people in the beginning of time (men) decided for us to go to school, to learn, to make a better self of ourselves. And women didn’t even have that right until centuries later!

I just don’t understand why human beings have to challenge themselves with such tedious work that we’re never going to use again in our lives?

For instance, I believe that I will never have to use physics again in my life. I’m not being stupid, I know I need gravity and all that shazam; but why do I need to know the centripetal force of an object moving at 20 m/s/s?

I don’t.

So tell me world, can I just forget about physics and all my exams? Can I just live life without having to ‘challenge’ myself for the ‘greater good of mankind’?

And my answer is:

No. And no.

Damn. It didn’t hurt to try. I have another question, I’m bored. Will you save me from this misery?

I’ll leave that answer to you people. (:

Have a nice day (or evening, considering the sun is setting where I am).

P.S. Someone always cares about you, even if you’re oblivious to it. :3

Guilt. Grief. Fear.

That’s what I feel right now.

Guilt, because I broke a young man’s heart a couple of months ago and I fear for his life.

Grief, because of the horrible losses my school and community has had to deal with.

And fear.

Fear that it will happen again.

That it will happen to someone I’m really close to.

These three emotions can be very strong, out-spoken (or silenced), and ghastly.

Sometimes, it’d just be nice to not feel them.

Especially all at once.

My heart goes out to those out there struggling. I’m right there with you.

As well as that young man who’s in a rut all because of me. If you knew my situation though, you wouldn’t be blaming me.

Just remember… You are always loved. Even if you don’t love yourself.