So I’m Trying To Post Everyday…

Yeaa, so I’m trying to post everyday. Before I only did when I had something creative to share. But now, I’ve decided to try and post everyday. Even if it’s just a picture, a quote, the psychotic ramblings of my mind, or just a word.

So, I hope to live up to the expectations I’ve just set for myself. But I’m giving my self a due date. June 24, 2011. The day I graduate high school. After that I know my life will be hectic with getting ready for college, i.e. packing, saying goodbye to friends-very sad.

Anywho, this will unfortunately be my only post for today because:

1) I’m exhausted. I worked last night AND this morning. Enough said…

And 2) Well, that’s pretty much it. I’m too tired to even think about what to write.

I usually need inspiration, even if it’s the psychotic ramblings of my mind. I like the way that sounds. Psychotic ramblings of my mind. Okay, I think you’ve heard that enough for one day.

I’m going to use that as the title for my next post.

So, yes I guess you could say, that this post is pointless, but I’m bored and waiting for another half hour to past before the Jets play against the Colts. Which is kind of conflicting for me, considering I’m a fan of both NFL teams. And my family are only Jet fans.

So, good luck to the Jets and Colts tonight. And to everyone else reading this post. I don’t know what I’m wishing you all good luck in, but whatever you need luck with for tonight, I’m wishing you it. Wow, that was a rambling, long, run-on sentence. I’m too tired to even fix it.

I might  as well go to bed.

Yeah, I think I’ll play The Sims 3 = Best. Game. Ever. Other than COD.

Goodnight everyone! :D

– Jenny


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