A Boy Embraced Suicide.

Link to second post about Kameron: https://jgfairytalesblog.wordpress.com/2011/01/19/a-boy-embraced-suicide-again/

That’s one way to put it. Embraced. Might as well as.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t know the kid. But from what I heard he was a wonderfully cute sixteen year old boy. Popular, on the football team, had a gorgeous girlfriend. What could be wrong with that?

But then again those who look the most happy usually aren’t. I know this from experience.

Anyway, this is a horrible tragedy that no one should have to deal with, let alone experience. If anyone, anyone, knows someone who is hurting or yourself, please visit http://www.twloha.com/index.php It helped me, and now it can help you too. (:

I didn’t know you, Justin. And it’s depressing that I’ll never get to. I bet you were an amazing person. ♥

Jennifer Lauren Gioia

R.I.P. January 9, 2011


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