Wrote this a while ago. Was in a fit of depression for a second or two during the time. I believe it was when those two boys took their lives and devastated my school and community. Such a tragedy. R.I.P. and enjoy. (:

What has the world come to? Where people feel worthless everyday of their meek, miserable lives? You might think this will be a depressing topic, and well, I’ll be honest. It is.
People just don’t seem to care anymore about each other. They only give a rat’s ass about themselves. The only time people help each other out is

one) they’re getting something out of it, or

two) they’re blinded by love.
Love is a funny feeling. You get it when your cheeks rush with blood. When your stomach flips inside out and butterflies flutter around. But love is also controlled by Death. It can rip your heart into two, or even a million pieces. It can never be sewn back together again. Or even worse, it can break your soul.
I feel as if Death is all around me. In my eyes, my lungs, my heart, and my soul. Death has taken over everything. I just wonder, will I ever be able to overthrow it?

Probably not…

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