Fable: The Cow & The Pig

AN: This is my first Fable ever. So I apologize in advance if it sucks or if it doesn’t fall under the lines of a Fable. Thank you. (:

One early morning, Farmer Dan set out to milk Cow. Meanwhile, Pig was sleeping in. The sun started to rise as Cow got ready for Farmer Dan. She wanted to be well behaved for him, thinking she would get a treat.

As the sun rose higher and higher into the sky, Farmer Dan was in his barn, milking Cow. When the sun was at it’s highest point in the sky, Pig finally woke up, ready for his mud bath and feeding.

Farmer Dan was done with Cow and walked his merrily way to Pig with feed in a bucket. As Pig was eating, Farmer Dan patted his little bottom, hoping for it to get big soon. As he walked away, Pig finished eating, looking forward to his mud bath. He settled himself in and began rolling around; making sure every surface of his body was caked with mud.

Soon the sun was setting and Cow was wondering when she would get her special treat. Pig had finally gotten out of the mud, ready for Farmer Dan to give him his treat. Farmer Dan went to Cow first. He congratulated her on her good behavior and treated her to an extra feeding. He went to Pig next, who he treated with an extra feeding as well.

As Farmer Dan closed up the barn and went into his house for the night, Cow became very upset. Why was it that when she worked hard for Farmer Dan and Pig did nothing but be lazy, they both got a treat?

She ignored Pig with jealousy and distaste for the rest of the night. Pig became confused. Why was Cow ignoring him? They were best friends.

As the sun rose the next day, Farmer Dan greeted Cow with a smile. She, however, grunted and turned away from him; angry that he treated Pig the same as he treated her.

Farmer Dan came over to Cow and petted her head softly.

He said, “Cow, you may do more work than Pig, but you both are very special to me. You both benefit me just as much as when you behave well when I milk you, and as much as Pig eats ’till his stomach is full.”

Cow realized Farmer Dan was right and apologized to Pig, who accepted whole-heartedly.

You always benefit someone; no matter how much or how little you help them.

2011 (c) Jennifer Gioia


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