I Chew Novels And Spit Them Out For A Living.

That would be a pretty sweet career, don’t you think?

The only reason why I chose this title is because I am, almost literally, chewing 200-page novels since the new year began.

It first started out with finishing Lisa McMann’s Wake trilogy, Gone.


I started it last September, but with college planning and trying to be the better student for my last year of high school, my life was a little hectic to actually finish the book in a matter of a couple of months. By the end of January, I finally finished it. Ah-mazing! I love the way Lisa McMann writes and her new book Cryer’s Cross looks unbelievable. I can’t wait to read it when I’m done with my already long list of novels before college begins in the fall.

After that, I continued the series Blood Ninja with Nick Lake’s second book, Blood Ninja II: The Revenge of Lord Oda.



I love his novels; it’s an unusal change from my usual cheesy romance novels that I hold dear. First of all, I love anything ninja and Japanese. I love their culture and I myself follow some of the ways of a Buddhist. But then, Nick Lake puts a twist and gives the reason for all ninja’s talent and skills are from being vampires. Yes, that’s right vampires. I like how he doesn’t over-do the vampire part like Twilight or some of today’s modern supernatural fiction. The only times where he speaks of vampires is when you first learn of it in the beginning of the first novel and whenever the vampiric ninjas decide to feast. Each novel was about 400 pages, the font is small, the first novel had 75 chapters, and the second had 78 chapters. So his second novel took me a good month and a half. (I finished it last week.) I don’t remember how long it took me to read the first novel because it came out around a year or so ago.

After that, I went back to my romance novels. I chose to read Jody Gehrman’s Babe in Boyland.


It’s about this girl who writes the romance advice column for her school newspaper. After getting many complaints from boys saying she only writes what girls want to hear and that she doesn’t know guys at all, she decides to conduct a few interviews to get both sides of relationships. However, no boy will be straight with her, so she decides to go undercover at the all-boys boarding school outside of her town and really see what it’s like to be a guy in a guy’s world.

I chose this book because I see similar stories like this online ALL the time! I myself have even written one (I lost touch with it and currently sits somewhere in the back of my computer collecting dust, such a shame). Anyway, the way Jody Gehrman wrote it was absolutely fabulous. Yes, I realize I said fabulous. I haven’t said that since fifth grade when everything had to be pink including my hair. I thank my mother now for not letting me. :phew:

Back on topic, not many authors, professional or amateur, can pull off a plot line where a girl goes to an all boys boarding school. You have to add logic to it, like how they’re going to trick the school, what the consequences will be once she gets caught especially with the law, and how she transitions to becoming a “boy”. However, Jody Gehrman definitely pulled it off, congratulations.

Not only did she open the eyes of her main character to boys, but she also opened the reader’s eyes, i.e. ME! My outlook on life, as an individual and a girl has changed. Not drastically, but enough to make a difference in my every day life. Now, that’s a big compliment to the author. I hope to one day do the same to my readers, even if it’s with cheesy romance novels like this one. Surprised that this genre could do that? Not me.

I’m not going to go into detail about how it changed my outlook on the “male species”, because that’d be giving some of the book away, so you’re just going to have to find out for yourselves and let it magically alter the way you think about boys. Especially high school boys. Wow.

I started it last Friday, finished it on Sunday. Can you believe it? Now the title of this post makes sense. I chew novels and spit them out for a living.

After that, I started to read Something, Maybe by Elizabeth Scott on Monday.


It’s a really nice novel where all the characters have flaws. I like that. When a character has flaws. Lets see: the main character, Hannah has many fears she has to overcome; her mother is a famous online camera whore; her father is a famous celebrity, think Charlie Sheen meet the guy who started Playboy; the boy she likes, Josh, has some but I’m not going to tell you cause it’ll ruin the book for you; the guy Finn, who’s majorly crushing on Hannah is also majorly annoying and won’t leave her alone; finally her best friend Teagan has left fashion school and is scared to go back. I hope I didn’t ruin some parts for you. Anyway, I just like how it felt real, it felt realistic, it felt like I could relate to the fears, the situations (at least some of them), and the problems that occurred in the plot. Hannah works for a fast food company taking people’s orders from the drive-thru window, so do some of my friends. Teagan has a retail job, so do I. I finished it this morning in study hall. It was definitely a good read.

Aaaaaand, today I am starting Melissa Walker’s Violet on the Runway during my break tonight at work.


So far, I have nothing to say about this, considering I haven’t even read the first sentence of the first chapter yet. But I’ll let you know. (: From what I know in the summary it’s about this girl Violet who couldn’t be more plain and average than any other teenage girl, at least to her. Then one day a lady comes up to her saying she’d be the perfect model and there’s a flight waiting for her to take her to NYC. Her secret… she’s going. Ooooh! Exciting! Can’t wait to start reading…

Lastly, I have the rest of my books list.

I’m going to make a page for it. If you have any suggestions on what I should add, let me know. (:


She lifts her head high,

Sits straight,

Her hands lay softly on her lap.

This is what she is.

Taught from the moment she was born,

Reprimanded if misbehaved,

Proper is in her blood.

She can only be proper,

In this life that she lives,

But her heart is not proper,

Not perfect.

This is not who she is.

She screams for an escape,

Where she can be herself.

But until then,

She lifts her head high,

Sits straight,

Her hands lay softly on her lap.

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Chanelle’s Greatest Love.

Narrative Poem.


She walks through the streets,

Her long blonde hair flows through the wind.

Market after market, she reaches the parchment store.

Tells the merchant she’s getting parchment for her Father,

Believes the man to be an old fool.


She busies through the crowded square,

Passing men.

Ignorant men.

Chanelle makes it to her front stoop

Of her high-riser flat in London.


She passes her Father;

A tall man,

Always wearing a powdered wig underneath his mud-colored hair.

A famous Aristocrat of his time,

He thinks no women should be equal as men.


Chanelle makes it to her room

And sits upon her wooden desk;

It still looks brand new

Like the day they bought it from the city Carpenter.

It’s painted an elegant cream.


She gets to work as she creates her first masterpiece,

A fantasy of hers,

Rea’s Greatest Adventure,

Where Rea meets the love of her life, Alistair.

They fall madly in love.


After months of her Father

Teaching her how to read and write,

She’s grown an intimate passion for the art of literature.

Many moons have passed

Where she’s spent countless hours reading away.


Of course, this is only allowed for it to be kept a secret.

If anyone knew of the privilege her Father was giving Chanelle,

She’d be stoned to death along side her Father.

To keep their secret safe,

Chanelle reads and writes only in her room.


Months pass,

Seasons change.

The auburn leaves stop falling,

Soon a blanket of white stills the Earth.

However, this doesn’t stop the bustling streets of London.


The New Year has rung out in cheers.

As Chanelle’s Father celebrates

With his fellow Aristocrats,

She longs to finish her story

Instead of be stuck at these trivial balls.


Alistair is becoming more detailed,

More relative to the readers,

As Chanelle writes more and more.

He has broad shoulders, light brown hair,

And emerald green jeweled eyes.


To Chanelle,

Alistair is her dream lover.

Everything she ever wished a man could be.

He is not arrogant or rude.

Nor is he ignorant and foolish.


Alistair brings hope and happiness

Everywhere he goes,

To everyone he talks to.

He believes everyone should be equal,

No matter their gender, race or ethnicity.


A poor boy, Alistair,

Is everything in her eyes,

No matter his lack of riches.

She can support them both

With the help of her Father.


After many shooting stars,

Many wishes of marriage,

True love,

And her Fairy Tale ending,

Alistair comes alive.


Freshly printed,

He steps out of her parchment.

He speaks, “I have spent many nights

Watching you write my life

As I supposedly fall in love with Rea.


“However, all this time,

I’ve been in love with you.

Your immaculate beauty,

You’re eyes the color of my skies.

You’ve brought life to my world,


And for that,

I am eternally grateful to you.

Will you marry me, Chanelle?”

Ecstatic with passion,

She accepts.


Years pass,

And seasons change rapidly.

They have many children

And grandchildren.

All healthy young lads.


Chanelle cannot be more happy

Than she is right now.

She has lived her life to the fullest

As an equal,

Thanks to the work Alistair and her Father did for London.


Sooner than she had hoped for,

Chanelle passes away

Of old age.

Stricken with grief,

Alistair weeps for her return.


Chanelle flutters open her eyelids.

A bright light shines through,

Making her glow

Like an angel.

She looks around.


The wooden desk,

Still brand new,

The cream freshly painted.

Parchment sits atop the furniture.

She gets out of bed.


Chanelle is still a young girl,

At the ripe age of sixteen.

What happened to Alistair?
What happened to her children?

And her grandchildren?


The parchment,


She flips through pages,

All blank.

No trace of Rea’s Greatest Adventures.


She walks downstairs,

Still in her nightgown.

Her Father sits in the drawing room,

A powdered wig upon his head.

He speaks of politics to another gentleman.


She slowly leaves the room.

The window shows the beginning of leaves

Changing to reds, yellows, and browns.

It is still autumn.

She is still sixteen.


Was it all just a dream?

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Because You’re You. And I’m Me.

It’s never going to work.

You and I.

I want it to,

But it’ll never happen.

We have our own separate lives now.

We can’t put everything and everyone on hold

Just because I want to see you.

I want to be with you.

Because you’re you.

And I’m me.

And this can’t change

Who we’re going to be.

We won’t see each other after high school.

And I’m trying to live with that fact.

Maybe I’ll see your Facebook status every now and then.

And it’ll take me back to the day.

The memories we shared.

The feelings we had.

The need to be loved

By one another.

Because you’re you.

And I’m me.

And this can’t change

Who we’re going to be.

When we first met,

I remember it like it was yesterday.

It was one of the best days of my life.

Even if you were with someone else at the time.

When we first kissed

I felt like I was going to die

From the wave of emotions

That I felt for you.

Because you’re you.

And I’m me.

And this can’t change

Who we’re going to be.

I have to life with the fact

That I won’t have you ever again.

That you’re going away.

That I need to let go.

I get jealous every time you flirt with a girl,

Wondering if it’s harmless fun

Or turning into something serious.

Oh, how I wish it was me.

Because you’re you.

And I’m me.

And this can’t change

Who we’re going to be.

I don’t know how

To say goodbye.

Every time I see you in the hall at school

I turn away.

I don’t want to live with the fact

That I’ll never see you again.

We might never talk again.

I don’t want to.

Because you’re you.

And I’m me.

And this can’t change

Who we’re going to be.

So this will be the last

Time I write of you.

The last time I speak of you.

The last time I will see you.

But this won’t be the last time I think of you.

This won’t be the last time I want you.

This won’t be the last time I need you.

This won’t be the last time I love you.

Because you’re you.

And I’m me.

And this can’t change

Who we’re going to be.


March 9, 2011

6:00 PM


For the full story go to http://stories.mibba.com/read/370403/I-Wanna-Touch-You/.

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SUNY Plattsburgh.

I just want to say that I have AMAZING news!!!

*Drum roll, please.*

I was accepted into SUNY Plattsburgh and….

*Dramatic pause (for effect).*

I chose it!

Come this September, I will be attending my freshman year of college at SUNY Plattsburgh!

EEEEEeeeeeeeee!!!!!! I’m sooo excited!

But so relieved, also!

I mean, I was on my tippy-toes for months, waiting and waiting and waiting. Especially since Plattsburgh was the last school to hear a response from, then they asked me for my mid-year report. They’re the only school that asked for that, odd if I do say so myself.

So, while I am sick with the common cold, I’m also hyped up, ready to be on my way. I finally know where I’m going to live for the next four years of my life.

Wow, this is an amazing feeling. (:

I’m so happy.