One Book Down; One Book Up.

One Book Down: Violent on the Runway by Melissa Walker.

This book was ah-mazing! Supposedly, it’s a series. I don’t know if I read the first one or one of them in the middle. Either way, this novel made me want to be a model. A little cliche`, don’t you think? But it’s true. People say I could be a model if I really wanted to, but it’d have to be with the petite models, cause I’m only 5’2″, lol.

This novel just drew me in and I didn’t want to get out. Twists and turns, unexpected surprises! The plot was amazing, tons of foreshadowing (so pay attention to that), and that characters had flaws! *Toots horn!*

The main character, Violet, had a confidence problem, where she would rather blend in with the flower wallpaper than be a single flower in the vase. By the end, Violet became more strong, built a thicker shield from nasty popular girls like the BK in her school, and her self-esteem went through the roof! Always, a good thing. (: Veronica, a model, had a coke and bulimic problem, which she got over.

I won’t say much more than that. Don’t want to ruin it for you. But the author, Melissa Walker, definitely knows how to draw a reader into her novel and not want to get out. Maybe I’ll read more of the series, I’m not so sure what order they go in though. The website doesn’t even make it clear, let alone Barnes and Nobles or Borders. I hate when that happens. :/ OH WELL.

One Book Up: Wither by Lauren DeStefano.

It looks really good. Thank you Barnes and Noble’s website for introducing us! (:


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