Terza Rima.

My life is kind of boring.

Something that I must confess.

Listen to what I’m saying.


I need to get this off my chest.

I’ve never felt more alive,

When we went together west.


I’m taking a dive,

Into this new life.

I hope you believe.


My new life,

Has turned over a new leaf.

Wishing you were my wife.


Please, no grief,

And let me just say,

There is a motif.


That is absolutely gay.

I love you,

When we were by the bay.


Please don’t be blue,

Or shy,

When I ask of you.


I’ll just die,

If you don’t come with me.

I’m not such a bad guy.


So let’s just be,

My love,

You and me.


Don’t push or shove,

The love we share,

From up above.

2011 (c) Jennifer Gioia


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