My First Ever Story: Completed. Reviews Welcomed!

In this short memoir novella, Jenny, a young teenage girl, meets the boy of her dreams, Matt. Or at least that’s what she thinks. As the years progress, and they overcome the challenges known as high school, Jenny and Matt grow close.

Will their romance bloom into a beautiful rose? Or will they miss their chances, letting the petals wilt.

Follow them as they embark on this journey of love, lust, and life’s littlest opportunities.

Unfortunately, you can only view it if you are a Mibba member. So sign up and check it out! :D

Be sure to check out the character pages. The title inspiration is of Jenny and Matt’s song: I Wanna by The All-American Rejects. Some chapters are in the form of prose, poetry, dreamscapes, quotes, as well as in letter.

I do not own any of the people in this story, for they are real. However, the thoughts and events that take place, I do own, for they are my memories. Also, the quotes that have Unknown authors, I obviously do not own. If you plagiarize I will hunt you down with a killer bunny! © 2011

For your information: I am not advertising or publicizing I am such advertising my original story written and put together by me on this specific website. I love Mibba, however, do not look forward to any law suits just because I wrote about my story on my blog. I mean, come on, I’m still a minor.

Thank you! And please comment all you want! :D I’d love to know what you all have to say, even if it is constructive criticism. It is rated PG-13. Also, some of the things I wrote all the way back in 2009, so obviously I am a better writer now then than. So keep that in mind when you’re commenting on how I can improve. (: Thanks.

To go to, just click on the image above with the Mibba logo. To go to the link to the story, click on the image above of the novella cover page. Also keep in mind that I am very anxious about publicizing this as others I know might see and judge (I’m being honest here). And take into account that this is sort of like my goodbye to high school and the people in it. It is a very personal novella of mine, considering it’s a memoir. I might be a little too young to write one, but who cares?



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