“Fallen” By Lauren Kate.

One of the most intriguing fantasy books I’ve read in a long time. So much so that it only took me five days to read it. It’s one of those books where you read it before bed on a school night, then you lose track of time, and the next thing you know the clock reads 2 o’clock, when the last time you looked at it it was only 11 o’clock.

I cannot wait to read the second book of the series, Torment!

To Be A Free Man. – Inspired by Booker T. Washington.

Okay, so this was an assignment in my Poetry class yesterday. The directions were to find a book from somewhere in the classroom that contains prose. Then find a piece from within that book that contains “poetic” writing. Then take an excerpt from that pice and reconstruct it as a poem of 20-30 lines. It’s called “Found” Poetry.

My book was called Up From Slavery by Booker T. Washington, published in 1901. Wow, it was old and the binding was still magically together, but the pages were practically yellow at the edges. And that’s why I picked it out, not from the title or the author, but from the ancient nostaligic feeling I got when I picked it up. Anyway, my in-decisiveness  was driving me crazy and I couldn’t just turn to a random page, because then I wouldn’t know what he was talking about and it’d be more difficult to construct a poem about something you didn’t know. So, I did the most logical thing and picked my excerpt from the summary of the biography.

Up From Slavery is the autobiography of one of the most remarkable men America has every produced, a man born in slavery but lifted by his own vision and perseverance to a position of leadership and power. The son of a slave woman, Booker T. Washington struggled to acquire an education for himself, then dedicated his life to educating others. His is a story of almost unbelievable devotion and selflessness, an inspiration to people all over the world as long as men recognize the value of courage and human dignity.”

Here’s the poem I reconstructed from the excerpt: Continue reading To Be A Free Man. – Inspired by Booker T. Washington.

New Book! No New Money. Insert Sad Face Here.

Fallen by Lauren Kate looks really interesting. Now, if only I could afford to buy her two other books in the Fallen series, Torment and Passion. Also, the final book, Rapture, but she hasn’t said when that’s coming out yet. Obviously not for a while considering the third book, Passion, is coming out this June.

Very exciting!

This Really Can’t Be Our Final Goodbye.

As if you never cared

For the nights we never shared.

I’m trying my hardest of letting go.

I promise I won’t cry, no,

Not in front of you. Wow,

I bet you’re with her now,

Staring into her eyes, like you did mine, to explore.

You’re all that I ever wished for,

Perfect in every single way.

Everything I could’ve given you, every day,

Was everything you couldn’t take.

Not anymore, I shake,

Because I know I’m good for someone.

I just wish it were still you, Hun.

I hope we talk once more before we depart

And move on with our lives. Let’s not restart.

I haven’t slept in three whole days since I found out,

Because I dream of her lips on your cheek, I barely doubt.

I guess I can live without you on my side,

But without you I’ll be miserable inside.

I just miss the lips that made me fly.

This really can’t be our final goodbye.

2011 (c) JG

Being Sick Has It’s Perks, And Then Some.


1. Skipping school.

2. Sleeping in.

3. Not having to wake up at six in the morning.

4. Actually having time to eat breakfast, for once.

5. Feeling relaxed and not worrying about stuff you have to do.


1. Obviously, you’re sick. You feel like crap. You don’t want to be sick anymore.

2. You don’t want to take all these pills, but you have to otherwise you won’t get better.

3. Having to make up the work you missed at school, especially if you missed more than one day, then you have a lot of work to do.

4. If you missed any tests, quizzes, essays, or projects.

5. If you can’t sleep, it’s get’s boring. And then you find yourself surfing the web randomly.

So the perks and craps are tied. But then again, it also depends what you’re sick with, how many days of school or work you’re missing, and if you care about your school work or job.

Right now, I’m missing two days of school, probably coming in tomorrow, though. I had a fever, sore throat, and drip. Don’t know how I got it, probably from work with all those disgusting people. I can never purell my hands enough, I bet my hands are already used to it and it doesn’t work anymore. Thanks freaking a lot, work. :P :(

Ugh, I hate this. :( I’m at the stage now where I don’t want to be sick anymore. My throat hurts, I miss the sun, I miss my friends, and I’m tired of laying in bed all day with my laptop on my lap.

Last year I had Mononucleosis for about six weeks. I missed a whole week of school, because the first two weeks I didn’t know what I had. During that time, I became rather non-social and non-normal. I became nocturnal, literally. I’m not kidding. I slept all day, woke up around four or five in the afternoon and stayed up all night before going to bed around five or six, sometimes seven in the morning. It was crazy. I started thinking too much, and thinking too much and I don’t mix very well. It got me to a point of relapsing my depression. But then again, it was also because I never saw the sun except for when it rose or set, and no sunshine can literally kill a person’s Serotonin (happy emotions).

That’s why I’m already sick of being sick and it’s only been two days. In the past, two days would be nothing. I’d want to be out longer, sleep in more, and skip medicine. Not anymore. No thank you.

Right now, even though perks and craps are tied, I’m siding with craps. I don’t want to be sick anymore. I want to do what this woman is doing. (:

Then Why Don’t You?


Hey there, Little Birdie.

I know I said I would never write about you again.

I know I said I’d stop thinking of you.

I say a lot of things I don’t mean when it comes to you.

You know that.

But it’s kind of hard to not have anything to do with you anymore.

I see you almost everyday still.

I always cringe and feel myself crack a little inside.

I feel as if my feelings will never go away with you.

They’ll stay there forever,

Even when I’m married.

It’s so hard for me to say goodbye to you,

You’ll be erased from my memory if I do.

I know that I should stop this.

I’m fantasizing about the Little Birdie I can’t have anymore.

Four years was enough for you.

Too bad it wasn’t enough for me.

We are on either side of the rubber band.

My favorite times were when no one was stretching us apart.

We were meant to be like peanut butter and jelly;

The stars even agreed.

Then why don’t you?

I’m never going to be able to say goodbye to you,

At least not yet.

I’m slowly learning how to live without you.

So get ready for a bumpy ride, Little Birdie,

Because I’ll always drive with you in my heart.

Continue reading Then Why Don’t You?