This Really Can’t Be Our Final Goodbye.

As if you never cared

For the nights we never shared.

I’m trying my hardest of letting go.

I promise I won’t cry, no,

Not in front of you. Wow,

I bet you’re with her now,

Staring into her eyes, like you did mine, to explore.

You’re all that I ever wished for,

Perfect in every single way.

Everything I could’ve given you, every day,

Was everything you couldn’t take.

Not anymore, I shake,

Because I know I’m good for someone.

I just wish it were still you, Hun.

I hope we talk once more before we depart

And move on with our lives. Let’s not restart.

I haven’t slept in three whole days since I found out,

Because I dream of her lips on your cheek, I barely doubt.

I guess I can live without you on my side,

But without you I’ll be miserable inside.

I just miss the lips that made me fly.

This really can’t be our final goodbye.

2011 (c) JG


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