How Can This Be?


I saw you today.

I looked at you and smiled.

It took you a while to notice me.

How can this be?

When you finally smiled,

Your blue eyes turned upward,

Your cheeks became plumper,

And you grinned.

You grinned.

You didn’t smile,

It wasn’t real.

It was the kind of smile that you give,

Back to someone who smiles first.

How can this be?

You don’t love me,

Not anymore.

I wish you did,

Because I still do.

You still made my day today,

When you smiled at me.

You did notice me,

For once.

I’m not some part

Of your invisible past.

You can’t forget about me,

Because I can’t forget about you.

I’m still here,

Waiting for you.

Waiting for you to love me back.

2011 (c) JG

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