My Future Tattoos.

I’ve wanted a tattoo since I was little. Of course my parents don’t want me to have even one, but who are they to stop me? Oh right, my parents! But once I’m eighteen I’ll be able to get as many as I want. (I only want three.)

It started out as one on my left hip near the front, on top of the bikini line. I was twelve. Then another on my right hip that curves around towards the back. I was fourteen. Then another underneath my left breast on my ribcage. I was sixteen. It seems to go in two-year intervals. Does that mean that when I turn eighteen I’ll want another? I really don’t want more than three. Plus, three is supposedly a lucky number.

The first one looks like:

It’s going to be on my left hip near the front, on top of the bikini line. “MAI”, which means “star of the sea” in Latin. Beautiful. I love the moon, stars, and the sea, so it’s perfect for me.

Number Two:

“Let passion take you

Where reason would never go.”

But it’s going to wrap around my hip towards the back more. It was my horoscope one day, and I saved it into my phone. Whenever I had doubts about a boy or about myself, I’d always look at that quote and it’d give me the confidence boost I needed to be daring or even seductive.

And hopefully the last one:

“The best accessory

A girl can own

Is confidence.”

I want it more underneath my breast towards the front than underneath my armpit on the side. I love this quote because it’s really, really true. I didn’t have much confidence growing up, no matter how happy and outgoing I was as a child. I still was hesitant when it came to daring, exciting, beautiful things. When I turned sixteen, I found my confidence and I haven’t let go of it since. I love being confident. It’s just a shame that some people see it as arrogance, when really it’s not. Now that I’m a confident young lady I enjoy my life, what I do, how I act, and how I think. I feel better about myself now and about the others around me. It’s great being confident, and this quote just shows that it’s really true.

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