“What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?”

People always ask you from the time you are a child to an adult, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” For some this can be a hard question to answer, however, I have never found difficulty replying. When I was younger I wanted to be a Ballerina because I took ballet classes and dreamt of dancing on stage for the rest of my life. As the years past, so did my interests. I wanted to be a Veterinarian, the proprietor of a Bed and Breakfast, and a Chef and restaurant owner. Finally, my heart settled upon becoming a writer. I have loved to read for fun since I first learned how as a child at the ripe age of three. I wrote my first story about a clichéd Princess at the age of seven, and from the end of middle school to the present, I’ve been writing prose, poetry, and even novellas.

Now that I have finally picked a career path that I know I was destined to follow, I need to set goals. Goals can sometimes be as tricky as answering the question about what do you want to for a living. Most people set goals that are too high, too far-fetched, and too unreachable at the moment to be able to complete. What you must do is set baby-step goals, slowly reaching the top until you have succeeded in following your dreams. These are called short-term goals and there are also long-term goals.

Some of my short term goals are to finish the two novellas that I am writing at the moment, or getting a GPA of 3.0 in a certain class. Short-term goals can be as simple as going food shopping and making a set list of what you need and or want. However, the long-term goals are usually when people set them too high or too unrealistically. For instance, when I was younger I wanted to be a Veterinarian. Unfortunately, I’m not great at biology or anatomy, no matter how much I adore animals, I would never be able to accomplish that long-term goal.

My current long-term goal is to become a published author for fictional novels or maybe an editor for a publishing company. At the moment it might seem a little bit unrealistic, but I am taking those baby-step goals to get onto the right path. I am in college majoring in English Writing Arts. I write all the time, even if it’s about nothing in particular. Practice does make perfect. I also read many novels by different authors to get a feel for different types of writing and different styles and techniques. If I keep accomplishing my baby-step short-term goals, I will one day succeed at my dream career of becoming a published author.

For most people, figuring out what you want to do with your life can be difficult. Even some adults still don’t know what they want to do with their life while already making a living doing something else. However, there are a select few who already know what they want to do with their life and are taking the goals to get there successfully. My advice for those who don’t know would be to just do what you love. If you love what you do, you will be successful. Fortunately for me, I love to read and write. That is just what I am going to do with the rest of my life in small baby-step goals. I cannot wait to reach my long-term dream.

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Big City Dreams.

I step out of the yellow cab,

The smell of pizza wafts through my nostrils.

I stretch my neck

As my eyes try to reach the top of the skyscrapers.

I gasp,

How do they get up there?

It’s so tall!

Daddy’s hard calloused hands

Grab my itty bitty ones

As we walk through the crowded streets

Of New York City.

I try to keep up with Daddy’s long strides

As we cross the street

And step into line with other tall people.

Why is everything so big here?

I look at the building and see a poster of

The Lion King.

I can’t wait to see it!

I smile.

The man behind me takes out

A smoke.

I cough as he blows it in my direction.

Daddy pushes me in front of himself

So he can block the smoke.

It smells really icky,

I scrunch my nose in disgust.

The line finally moves

And we end up at the doors

Where a man in a red jacket stands.

Daddy gives the man our tickets,

Then we step through the doors.

I hold Daddy’s hand

As we walk down red-carpeted stairs to our seats.

We sit down near the front and I look around.

The red cushioned chairs are made for fat people,

But Daddy seems to fit fine and he’s not fat.

The stage has a black floor and a big red curtain hangs above.

A lady with big yellow hair and too much perfume sits next to me.

The lights go off and I grab Daddy’s hand,

I’m scared of the dark.

He squeezes it reassuringly as the audience hushes.

The curtains open slowly as music starts.

“Hakuna Matata, what a wonderful phrase.

It means no worries for the rest of your days.”

I bounce in my seat, smiling big,

To the beat of my favorite song.

Simba goes on stage along with his friend Nala.

I know that there’s a man and a lady

Underneath those costumes,

But they seem so real.

I want to be just like them

On stage playing my favorite movie.

That’s my big city dream.

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When we first met,

You weren’t mine.

We were too young to know,

Exactly what drew us together.

It might have been looks,

It might have been laughs,

It might have been love,

But all I know is that it worked.

It took some time for us to,

Realize what we had;

Practically two years.

But it was so worth it.

I still remember,

The feelings of our first date,

When you were finally mine.

The butterflies,

The queasiness,

Hearing your pounding heart inside your head.

It was the best feeling ever.

I always felt instantly connected to you.

No matter if you had someone,

Or I had someone.

We always thought of each other,

In ways friends shouldn’t have.

You’re my longest crush.

It lasted before we dated,

While we dated,

And after we dated.


You were the first kiss,

That still matters to me today.

I was so excited,

I was surprised I didn’t jump up and down,

And scream to the world of my joy.

Joy that you gave me.

You’ve always given me joy.

Of course, you’ve given me sorrow too.

But sorrow is nothing compared to the joy,

I feel when I see you.

Your blue eyes,

The way your eyes turn upward,

And crinkle when you smile,

Your strong arms that make me feel,

Like nothing in the world can harm me,

When you wrap them around me.

I love that.

I miss that.

You’re not mine anymore.

I always wonder if you will ever be again.

It hurts me every time I see you,

Knowing that you’re not mine,

Not anymore.

Our time in this town is almost up.

We are getting ready for the next phase in our lives.

And I don’t know if I can do it,

Without your shining smile.

It’s a big step ahead in life,

And you’re holding me back.

Too bad I’m not holding you back too.

I wonder if we’ll keep in touch,

Once we leave this town.

I still remember when we first met,

How I felt,

How I feel now.

And I’m dreading the day we finally say goodbye.

I don’t want to remember that day,

For years to come,

Like I know I will,

Of the first time we kissed.

I hope,

I wish,

I dream,

I live,

I jump,

I fall,

I drown,

I leave,

I miss,


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All Alone In The Woods.


My feet squish in the mud

After the huge downpour.

Everything is so soaked,

Including my body.

The air is hot, moist, a

Chill runs down my back. I

Look around me, anxious.

No sign of a living

Creature. Only the bare

Trees and the sound of my

Breathing. I lay down, bathed

In mud as I think of

How alone I really

Am. All alone in the woods.

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Stop And Smell The Roses.


Everybody, all they

Seem to do is rush. Rush,

go forward, keep moving.

Nobody enjoys the

little things anymore.

They never look to see

the little details, the

magic that puts the whole

big picture together.

Everyone’s always too caught

up in their own lives, they

never pay attention

to the things around them.

The things that have become

a blur over the years.

No one ever stops to

enjoy the simple things.

The beautiful mother

of nature that beholds

surrounding them. The life

all around them. The pure

fact that they are alive

and people love them for

who they are. No one seems

to ever stop and smell

the roses anymore.

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The Road To The End.


It’s raining.

Pouring actually.

I’ve been walking my whole life up this trail.

After a lifetime,

I finally see a clear path.

After all the challenges life has given me.

After walking through all those obstacles of fallen branches and prickly shrubs.

Soon the dark clouds part and the bright sun bursts through.

I’ve missed the sun.

It hasn’t been in my life in a long time.

It’s been raining for a while instead.

But now it’s back.

I smile as I take in the rays.

Sooner then I hoped for,

I’m near the cliff.

I knew I had to end here my whole life,

but the sun is out.

I want to stay here forever.


life has it’s way and brings me to the edge of the cliff.

I look down below,

careful not to fall,

and see a beautiful lake swimming with love and happiness.

I know it is my time.

I look out towards the horizon to see my house one last time.

My home,

my life.

I take a deep breath and jump for it.

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LBI – My Annual Vacation Destination.


Ahh, the ocean. Don’t you just love it? The sweet salty scent in the air. The humidity all around you, while the hot sun beats down your back. You wake up early and eat a crappy cereal for breakfast. Then head down to the beach, where you lay out your towel and umbrella. Your shoulders turn as red as a lobster as you read a romance novel on the beach.

Soon your stomach rumbles again, asking for lunch. You walk back up to the hotel’s pool bar and order yourself a nice panini and Piña Colada. Once you finish, you head back to the beach, continuing to read your clichéd novel.

After a while, you take a nap, letting the sound of the waves’ beats lull you away. An hour or so passes and you wake up feeling like you’re going to die of a heat stroke. You jump into the cool, refreshing water, the salty sea sprays into your face as you dive under a gigantic wave. You spend the rest of the afternoon in the ocean, jumping waves and boogie boarding.

As the sun sets, it’s time to get out. You head back to your hotel room and jump in the shower, washing off all the sea salt and sand from your tan body. You check yourself out in the mirror to see what got tan, what got red, and what is still as white as milk. Then get dressed and head out for dinner. After ordering an appetizer, an entree, and a dessert, you pay the bill with your stomach well-fed. As you walk back from the restaurant to your hotel room, you gaze at the stars above.

Finally you reach your bed and dress into pajamas. You watch television for a little bit until you feel your eyelids start to droop. You turn the television off along with the nightstand lamp and try to get comfortable in your hotel bed that you’ve been in every summer since a child. The feeling of swaying back and forth from being in the ocean all day drifts you off into a peaceful slumber.

Now that’s what I call a perfect day at the beach. Don’t you just love it? I do and I look forward to next year’s four-day vacation again.



On Hot Summer Nights As These.

On hot summer nights as these,
I think of you.
I think of what we used to do.

On hot summer nights as these,
I think of our past.
I think of why we didn’t last.

On hot summer nights as these,
I think of what we once had.
I think of how it all turned out bad.

On hot summer nights as these,
I think of what went wrong.
I think of our song.

On hot summer nights as these,
I think of your eyes.
I think of all your lies.

On hot summer nights as these,
I think of your kiss.
I think of what I shall miss.

On hot summer nights as these,
I think and whisper “Goodbye.”

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