The Road To The End.


It’s raining.

Pouring actually.

I’ve been walking my whole life up this trail.

After a lifetime,

I finally see a clear path.

After all the challenges life has given me.

After walking through all those obstacles of fallen branches and prickly shrubs.

Soon the dark clouds part and the bright sun bursts through.

I’ve missed the sun.

It hasn’t been in my life in a long time.

It’s been raining for a while instead.

But now it’s back.

I smile as I take in the rays.

Sooner then I hoped for,

I’m near the cliff.

I knew I had to end here my whole life,

but the sun is out.

I want to stay here forever.


life has it’s way and brings me to the edge of the cliff.

I look down below,

careful not to fall,

and see a beautiful lake swimming with love and happiness.

I know it is my time.

I look out towards the horizon to see my house one last time.

My home,

my life.

I take a deep breath and jump for it.

Copyright © 2011 JG
All rights reserved.


6 thoughts on “The Road To The End.”

  1. Hi, I’m sorry it is a lovely piece of writing, however when I reblogged it I was attempting to reblog the picture only, apparently that didn’t work. I’m sorry if it upset you, I hope you still follow my blog. :) Keep writing though, your very wonderful at it.

    1. Oh its no problem. If you just wanted the picture (which I don’t own. I got it online.) you can just click on it and it’ll open up in a new window. From there you can save it to your computer and post it on your blog. I kind of feel bad that this was all a misunderstanding. Thank you though for understanding. :) And I’m very flattered you think so highly of my writing. :) Lol. Thanks! I’ll be sure to check out your blog more often. I’ll even subscribe when I get the chance. :) Thanks again for understanding.

  2. I love it: stellar, brilliant, eternal. I have been there, myself, through the never ending rain–the falling tears. I have found the light, though, and it’s beautiful. You really have a talent for writing; I love reading pieces I can relate to.

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