I Want It All.

You make this seem like it’s old news,

Like I’m experienced when it comes to this,

But I’m not.

It happened.

I can’t take it back,

I can’t rewind time,

But I don’t regret it.

It was supposed to hurt,

It was supposed to be awkward,

It was supposed to be bad.

But it wasn’t any of those things.

I thought I’d feel different afterwards,

But I don’t.

I feel exactly the same as before.

It’s weird,

How much I liked it.

How I want to do it again.

How I would do it every day if I could.

I liked how it made me feel.

How it boosted my confidence.

How I felt wanted and needed in a certain way.

I just liked it, a lot.

I want you to take me for a ride,

Take me high,

Make me rise,

Let it last all night long.

Oh my God.

I want it all.

Copyright © 2011 JG
All rights reserved.

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