Caring For Your Tattoo.

About An Hour After Your Tattoo:

Remove the bandage and take a long, hot shower. Wash tattoo with antibacterial soap (like DIAL) and rinse with hot water, allowing the water to run on your tattoo. For they next three weeks, subservient showers should include a quick wash and rinse of you tattoo, then try to limit how much the water runs on your tattoo (no baths or hot tubs for three weeks). After your shower, pat dry your tattoo with a cotton or paper towel. Allow your tattoo to air dry for an additional five to ten minutes, then apply a small amount of Preparation H Ointment. After the plasma cycle (oozing) ends, which may take four to twenty-four hours, apply Preparation H Ointment to the tattooed area.

First Four Days:

Apply the Preparation H Ointment to the tattoo three to five times a day or any time your tattoo appears to be dry. Use sparingly, applying just a thin coat across your tattoo. Try to apply only to the tattooed area of your skin, as best as possible.

Day Five Through The Next Three Weeks:

Discontinue the use of Preparation H and switch to a fragrance-free hand lotion (like Lubriderm or Curel). Apply in the same casino in small amounts three to five times a day as needed. Continue this through the remainder of your three week healing process. (Three weeks is an estimated healing time using this care regimen. Each individual heals differently and your healing time may vary slightly.)

During the healing process, your tattoo will go through some changes. Some scabbing may occur but usually is minimal. For the most part, a thin layer of skin will begin to peel off. It is very important to let this fall 100% on it’s own. No picking or scathing at your tattoo, as this will result in lost color. Keep tattoo clean, moist, and out of the sun until fully healed.

Courtesy of Skin City Tattoos.


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