Giving Into Pleasure

This piece of fiction I wrote for my final in my Intro. to Writing Fiction course. I hope you all enjoy. Just a warning, there is some explicit and sexual content involved. Jennifer Gioia (c) 2012

“Good evening, New York. I’m Parker Richardson and this is the 6 o’clock news. After the tragedy of Hurricane Sandy, New York City’s Mayor, Bloomberg, pledged to rebuild and fortify the coast this past Thursday. Here’s Sam Chucker with more.” Parker greets to the camera with his sea green eyes in studio 58 of Rockefeller Plaza.

“Thanks, Parker. As you can see here…” Sam continues live in downtown Manhattan.

Parker has been working at NBC for ten years now. He recently got promoted to the news anchorman.  He has been on live television for eight years and has never once messed up his lines. Everyone always congratulates him on his excellent live persona; they say he was born for television. He’s the best in the business. Sam finishes his story and the camera clicks back to Parker.

Not too far away from Rockefeller Plaza is a small diner, Plaza Diner, where waitress Sarah Blitz watches the new TV anchor, Parker Richardson, on the television while waiting for her current customers to decide what to order. Sarah has had a major crush on Parker for almost eight years now. Parker always comes to her section of the diner every Monday through Friday around 4 o’clock for his early dinner before his shift at NBC. She still remembers when he was just right out of college, looking for a job as a journalist while interning at NBC.

Parker and Sarah never really talked about personal things; they left their conversations throughout the years short and to the point. She never told him about her daughter who was taken away from her from child services and he never told her that he’s been in love with his boyfriend, Rick, since college. But Sarah still feels like they have some sort of connection towards each other, whether it is platonic or something more.

That night, after Parker finishes his broadcast, he comes home to his small, but luxuriously modern, apartment Rick and him share in SoHo.

“Hi Rick. How was your day?” Parker asks him while taking his coat and scarf off.

“It was great! I have amazing news! New York finally legalized gay marriage! How fantastic is that? We can finally get married now, Parker.” Rick exclaims with tears in his eyes.

“Yeah, that’s great, Rick.” Parker forces a smile and then turns the television on.

Parker has never been really fond of the institution of marriage. The whole idea scares him; of being bounded to someone for the rest of your life. Sure, he loves Rick with all of his being, and even though they’ve been together for ten years now, the thought of being married to him scares him shitless. The idea of marriage has always scared him, even before he met Rick and thought he was still straight in his teen years. Maybe because of his parents’ divorce at such a young age, Parker has experienced marriage to be a failure, to tear apart a family, to ruin lives. Parker thinks that if he marries Rick, their relationship will fall apart. And it hurts Parker deeply, because he’s never told Rick of his thoughts on marriage, when that’s all what Rick’s been talking about for the past two years. However, Parker never thought of sharing his feelings with Rick because it was illegal for two men to marry…that is until now. Now Parker doesn’t know what he will do.

Rick snuggles up to Parker on the black leather sofa as they watch their favorite Monday night show, How I Met Your Mother.

On the other side of Manhattan in East Harlem, Sarah is unlocking her studio apartment. She kicks off her Sketchers and flops onto her gray upholstered full-sized sofa bed. She clicks the button on her answering machine on the wooden end table next to the sofa.

“No new messages.”

Sarah sighs. She wasn’t expecting any messages, but it would still be nice to know that someone out there cares for her. She gets up and makes herself a bath in her iron clawed foot tub.


            The next morning, Parker doesn’t get out of bed until noon. He has nothing to do today but his usual 6 o’clock broadcast. Rick is already at work, since nine this morning. Parker jumps into the navy blue ceramic tiled jet-shower, listening to Lady Gaga on his iHome system.

At Plaza Diner, Sarah is starting her lunch shift. Her long blonde hair in a ponytail, her bright blue eyes staring into her notepad, twirling a pen in between her fingers as she reads the order back to her customer. She doesn’t usually do this, read back her order to customers, however, these Asian tourists she can never really fully understand. The bell on the entrance door rings as someone walks inside letting a gust of brisk wind through. Sarah looks up and sees that it’s Parker. Once she brings the Asian’s order to the kitchen, she walks over to Parker at his usual table taking his coat and scarf off.

“Hey, Parker. What’re you doing here this early? It’s almost three.” Sarah greets him.

“Hey, Sarah. I know, but I thought I’d come in earlier today. I just needed to get out of my apartment.”

“Oh, is everything alright?”

Parker wants to tell her about Rick and how he’s gone crazy obsessed over marriage. Last night, he kept talking about what kind of wedding he wants them to have. Parker didn’t say anything to him about his fears, but he wishes he could at least tell someone. It’s driving him up the wall! Parker looks at Sarah, debating whether or not to tell her. Her blue eyes look brighter today. She leans towards him with concern and he happens to glance down her shirt. Her cleavage, two smooth hills with no valley in between. He hasn’t thought of boobs in eight years. The first two years of dating Rick, Parker was still physically attracted to women, however, he loved Rick so he stayed with him. Parker keeps staring at her boobs.

“Uh, Parker. My eyes are up here.” Sarah tells him, squealing in her head.

She can’t believe after all this time, he’s finally looked at her like she’s looked at him so many times in the past.

Parker blushes, “Oh, I’m terribly sorry, Sarah.”

She giggles, “No, it’s fine. I haven’t had a man look at me like that in forever. I’m just glad that it’s you.”

Parker looks at her. Sarah is a beautiful woman, with thick blonde hair, a curvy figure, and, well, breasts the size of cantaloupes. He pictures her in an erotic position with him behind her as she begs for more. He hasn’t had a woman in so long.

“Hey, Sarah? What are you doing after eight tonight?” Parker asks her, just fantasizing another position they could be doing.

“Parker Richardson, are you asking me on a date?” Sarah squeals.

“What? No…I-” Parker stutters.

“Of course I’ll go out with you! Meet me at my place, okay? Apartment 10F at 1150 5th Avenue in East Harlem.”

Parker looks at her speechless.

“I’m assuming you want your usual? I’ll get right on that for you.”

Sarah walks away shaking her hips, hoping he’s staring. And he is. Parker stares at Sarah’s hips as he gets somewhat heated, wondering what the hell just happened.


            Parker sits at the news panel desk, shuffling his papers neatly as his co-anchor, Debby Brock, drinks that last sip of her water bottle.

“Ready, Parker?” Debby asks, wiggling her eyebrows jokingly.

“Ready as ever, Deb.” Parker swallows the rock in his throat as sweat beads down his forehead.

All Parker can think about is how the hell he even asked Sarah on a date, let alone was physically attracted to her. Is Parker even gay now? He thinks of Rick. Of course he’s gay, he loves Rick more than anything. He could never do anything to hurt Rick.

“Airing in…three…two…” the cameraman counts down, then with a flick of his finger, NBC is live.

“Good evening, New York. We start off tonight with breaking news of a raging fire in Greenwich Village. With us tonight is Jordan Ramsey with the story.”

The camera goes live to Jordan as Debby turns towards Parker.

“So, how excited are you and Rick now that gay marriage is legal?” she asks him.

“Uh, yeah, real excited.”

The camera goes back live to the studio.

“Thank you Jordan. Let’s hope that family survives.” Debby sincerely states.

“It’s been quite nippily out, hasn’t it, Debby?”

Parker realizes what he said and immediately regrets it. All he can think about are Sarah’s supple breasts and soft pink nipples enclosed by his mouth. He shakes his head to get rid of the thoughts and looks at the teleprompter to continue with his script.

“Uh…yes.” Debby replies.

“Well, here’s Lonny Quinn with the weather.” Parker introduces.

Fuck! How could he have messed up? Parker has never once messed up in his entire televised career. Debby looks at him with her eyebrows furrowed, wondering why Parker would say that on live television. Fuck Sarah and her hot body! When Parker gets done with his broadcast tonight, he’s going straight over to Sarah’s to tell her what a mistake this whole fiasco is.


            Parker looks at his bill from the diner where Sarah wrote her apartment address just in case he forgot it. He looks up at her red brick apartment building. He goes to the entrance and walks up the stoop. He rings the buzzer.

“Hello?” calls Sarah.

“Hey, Sarah. It’s me, Parker. I just came to tell you that—”

“Oh! Let me buzz you up now.”

Parker sighs as the mechanical buzz of the door unlocks. He opens it and walks to apartment 10F. He knocks lightly on Sarah’s door. She opens it and jumps him.

“I’m so happy you’re here!” Sarah tells him then plants a number on his lips.

Parker, surprised by Sarah’s forwardness, stumbles into her apartment. He then realizes her legs are wrapped around his waist, the comforting heat between her legs pushing against his crotch. He groans into her mouth with frustration. Her kisses become deeper as she tries to feel closer to Parker.

Parker, surprised by his raging member, realizes how pleasurable a woman can be and how much he’s really missed it. His body is screaming yes as Sarah takes off his shirt and kisses butterflies down his abdomen. He unwillingly releases a moan that betrays his clandestine thoughts of lust. Sarah giggles. She can’t believe this is really happening. She’s waited so long for this. She takes her shirt off and lets her black-laced breasts bounce in his face. Parker’s eyes go wide. His hands tremble as he reaches for them.

They continue to make out as Parker massages her breasts. Her nipples become erect just as something of his does too. Sarah lays Parker down on her opened full-sized sofa bed and takes his pants off. She sees the bump of his heated package through his boxer briefs. Sarah pictures herself on top of him and that’s just what she intends to do.

She pulls his boxer briefs off and climbs on top of Parker. Parker lays numb to the seduction of Sarah and her female body parts. She takes her bra off and Parker groans at the sight of them, perfectly round and plump. He puts his hands on them as Sarah pulls her skirt up to her waist, letting her hot, moist self meet up with Parker’s erect member. She continues to ride him as Parker lays helpless, giving into the pleasure.

After what felt like hours, Sarah gets off of Parker and lies down next to him, panting out of breath.

“Oh, Parker! That was amazing!” Sarah exclaims.

“Where is your bathroom?” Parker asks her.

Sarah points to the dark wooden door in the corner of the room next to the kitchenette. Parker gets up, puts his boxer briefs back on, and heads to the bathroom. He closes the door behind him and sees an iron clawed foot bathtub. Parker does his business and makes his way back out to the main room. He sits on the edge of the sofa bed, as Sarah gets dressed. Head in hands, verging on tears, Parker replays what just happened over in his mind. Parker wonders about Rick.

Jennifer Gioia (c) 2012

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