Autumn is my favorite season.

I think I finally realized why autumn is my favorite season.

It’s because once it really is autumn all the leaves on the trees are bright



and reds.

They remind me of carrot tops,

which is a term I’ve grown accustomed to throughout my life.

My strawberry blond hair,

I was born with a patch of it on my head.

I used to think it was a burden

with people always calling me a carrot top.

I stood out in a crowd

with my bright strawberry blond hair.

Sometimes I hated it,

but sometimes I enjoyed it,

and it helps me be that type of person that loves

to be the center of attention.

Kind of like the trees

and how they’re so bright,

and they stand out from the deep

forest green of those pine trees around them.

But I think it’s a good thing

that they stand out,

and I think it’s a good thing

that I stand out.

Autumn is my favorite season,

not just because of the beautiful foliage,

and the Halloween holiday,

and my birthday is in the fall.

But also because I can relate to those trees,

and they remind me of myself.

Autumn is my favorite season

because I finally feel like I fit in.

Jennifer Gioia (c) 2015