I (finally) did it.

*Woosh* Eight emails being sent out through the internet.

I finally took the plunge and did it.

I did it. I sent out eight resumes!

It took me about three months of figuring out what kinds of jobs to search for, what locations to look in and to finally be emotionally and mentally ready to begin my career.

I wrote my cover letters to each company, tweaked my resume (adding that I am willing to relocate) and hit send.

I am so anxious right now. Can you say I’m freaking out a bit? Yeaa, probably.

But I did it! I am so proud of myself.

Now I just wait on those eight places, but I will still be on the look out for interesting PR agency job listings.

I am looking in North Carolina (Raleigh-Duram, Charlotte, Greenville) and the greater Chicago area.

If you didn’t already know this, I was born and raised in New York. I am still currently living the post-graduate life in New York.

But it’s time to get ready to say goodbye to New York and hello to NC/IL or wherever else I decide to apply in the near future.

I’ll keep you all posted on my job hunt, because maybe it’ll help you.

One question I do have that maybe you can help me with is how many is too many when applying for a career-type job?

Thanks! Wish me luck!


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