I’m a Wattpad editor again!

Full-time, dedicated and patient Editor for original fiction only. Open [ ] Closed [x]

About the Editor: I’ve been on Wattpad for 7 years. I am a college graduate with a love for writing and editing. My degree is in Public Relations, so I have to be great at writing creatively and grabbing reader’s attention. I’m all about editing. My grammar and spelling are always spot on (after at least one edit).

This blog post is only for editing services. If you are looking for a critique, direct yourself to here.

Details: I will only take on a handful of clients at a time. Please message me if interested or if you would like to go on the wait list on here or here.

I do not edit fan-fiction; I probably won’t know much about what it’s based on. However, I edit all other genres as long as they’re original fiction. Also, if you’re writing mature content/smut, I’m pretty familiar with that stuff, and I don’t mind taking on a story with that content.

I am looking for a variety of writers. You can have only one chapter written so far, or maybe a whole story completed. Doesn’t matter to me.

If there is a certain area you’d like me to keep in mind while editing your work, please let me know ahead of time.

If you wish, I can also at the end of each part of your story, add a paragraph or two on how you can make your story more interesting, add more description, and maybe lengthen it, etc.

However, I will not change it for you, except for grammar and spelling. It is your story, so it should be your own words from your own inspirations. I’m only here to help you move along and become a better writer.

Guidelines: Please send me the following information when personally messaging me for a request:

  • Your name
  • Your time zone/location around the globe
  • Story title
  • Genre
  • An honest story summary/plot synopsis
  • What you would like me to focus on
  • If your story is completed
  • How often you plan on updating on Wattpad
  • If you have a deadline

Please send me your story in an email. You can share the story with me through Google Drive or in an attached Word document. I will message you my email address.

Payment: FREE! All I ask is you mention me in your story summary with a “thanks” for editing your story. :)

Response Time: My response time depends on how long the story is.

Important: If I give you my email address, please do not give it out to others. Thank you.

Can’t wait to edit your stories! :)

To see what stories, I’m currently editing, check out my reading list here.

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