Wattpad Fiction Critic Service

Part-time, dedicated and patient Critic for original fiction only. – Upon Request

About the Critic: I’ve been on Wattpad for 7 years. I am a college graduate with a love for reading, writing, and editing. My degree is in Public Relations, so I have to be great at writing creatively and grabbing reader’s attention. I also edit for Wattpad writers, but that is another service in a different blog post. If you’d like for your grammar and spelling, among other things, to be edited, please direct yourself to here.

Details: I will only take on a handful of clients at a time. Please message me if interested or if you would like to go on the wait list through here or here.

I do not critique fan-fiction; I probably won’t know much about what it’s based on. However, I critique all other genres as long as they’re original fiction. Also, if you’re writing mature content/smut, I’m pretty familiar with that stuff, and I don’t mind taking on a chapter with that content.

Guidelines: I am looking for a variety of writers. I will only critique one chapter at a time.

So if you’re struggling with a scene, or want to know if what you wrote is realistic and believable, or anything else, I can do that for you.

Please let me know ahead of time if there is a certain area you’d like me to keep in mind while critiquing your work.

If you wish, I can also at the end of each critique, add a paragraph or two on how you can make your story more interesting, add more description, and maybe lengthen it, etc.

Please send me the link to your chapter you’d like critiqued with the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your time zone/location around the globe
  • Story title
  • Genre
  • An honest story summary/plot synopsis
  • Chapter to critique
  • What you would like me to focus on
  • If you have a deadline

I will personally message you my critique afterward.

Payment: FREE! All I ask is you mention me in the chapter I critiqued with a “thanks.” :)

If I agree to take on a whole story, then as payment you must mention me in the story summary.

Response Time: My response time depends on how long the chapter is.

Can’t wait to critic some amazing work! :)


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