I’ve learned, but none of that matters

I’ve learned to accept myself.

I’ve learned to forgive myself.

I’ve learned to acknowledge my flaws.

I’ve learned to work on my flaws.

I’ve learned my value.

I’ve learned to love myself.

I’ve learned what to look for.

I’ve learned how to spot red flags.

I’ve learned “to be content with being happier than I deserve,” as Jane Austen once said.

I’ve learned how to take the leap.

I’ve learned how to love.

But none of that matters if who I’m with hasn’t also learned.

Jennifer Gioia (C) 2020

One thought on “I’ve learned, but none of that matters”

  1. It’s sad to hear you say, “if the one you are with hasn’t learned!” You have worked so hard to grow & in a healthy positive good way. You should be proud of your growth and the woman you are today. Everyone who knows you, all knows your true “you.”
    When the day comes, everything will fall into place!
    And just know it was well worth it (life’s hurtles) in order to find Mr. Right!

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