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My name is Jennifer. I’m twenty-three years old and from the great state of New York, but recently moved to North Carolina.

I have grown up with a love for reading and writing (if you couldn’t tell).

Among reading and writing, my passions are also in music, interior design and cooking.

Check out my homemade gourmet for 20-somethings foodie blog:

I began learning the piano at five years old and taught children piano lessons once I was 13 for three years.

Growing up, I would play imaginative games of running a restaurant as a hostess, waitress and chef. My mother believed I would grow up to be an entrepreneur.

Interior design is one of my most practiced hobbies. I often design floor plans and am always rearranging my dream home in mind. I’m an avid Sims player. Sims 1, 2, 3 or 4, I’ve done it all, from building to role-playing my fantasy families to forum challenges.

I am a recent graduate from SUNY Plattsburgh with a Bachelor’s in public relations. I also minored in English and journalism.

During my college career, I had been with the English Department’s Literary Magazine, Saranac Review, for over three years as their Administrative Assistant and Intern Supervisor.

My dream career is to work for a company I can add value to through my passions every day, and public relations has the versatility to do so.

My fashion is a mixture of Forever21 and H&M.  I am in love with with floral and lace fabric. Turquoise and coral are my favorite colors (aka: future wedding theme). Raw cookie dough and chocolate are my comforts. Reading and writing is my obsession, soon to be a profession. Bookstores are danger zones to my wallet. Cooking and playing the piano are my hobbies. Singing is one of my horrible ones. My favorite season is autumn. And my favorite flowers are daisies.

I seem to find the beauty in many things that others would not. I hope to share them with you one day. Spread the love. <3

Jennifer Gioia © 2016


12 thoughts on “Author”

  1. Glad you are working retail….Hard work, but it teaches you a lot. I hope you’ll look out for my new book about doing it, too…”Malled: My Unintentional Career in Retail”, (Penguin, 2011)

    Sorry about the football injury!

  2. Looking forward to seeing you for the 19th . Hope you’re not working that day. Your website looks great.
    Love Grandpa & Grandma

  3. Pretty sure your my twin… we are almost exactly the same, except I can somewhat sing and I’m going to be double majoring in English and Psychology. I’m new on here so I’m trying to get some poeple to follow me but I love to write just as you do, and hope to become a published author one day. Come check out my blog please :), theres not a lot but trust me you won’t be disappointed.

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