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Autumn is my favorite season.

I think I finally realized why autumn is my favorite season.

It’s because once it really is autumn all the leaves on the trees are bright



and reds.

They remind me of carrot tops,

which is a term I’ve grown accustomed to throughout my life.

My strawberry blond hair,

I was born with a patch of it on my head.

I used to think it was a burden

with people always calling me a carrot top.

I stood out in a crowd

with my bright strawberry blond hair.

Sometimes I hated it,

but sometimes I enjoyed it,

and it helps me be that type of person that loves

to be the center of attention.

Kind of like the trees

and how they’re so bright,

and they stand out from the deep

forest green of those pine trees around them.

But I think it’s a good thing

that they stand out,

and I think it’s a good thing

that I stand out.

Autumn is my favorite season,

not just because of the beautiful foliage,

and the Halloween holiday,

and my birthday is in the fall.

But also because I can relate to those trees,

and they remind me of myself.

Autumn is my favorite season

because I finally feel like I fit in.

Jennifer Gioia (c) 2015



So many thoughts swirling in my mind,

I’m graduating in a year – crazy!

He mentioned he wants to have a serious talk…

What’re we doing after we graduate?

I’m still trying to figure out where we’re going to live next fall semester!

What if we don’t get a job in the same area?

He said he doesn’t know if he could deal with a long-distance relationship.

I know it’ll be hard,

but I’m confident I could deal with it,

because my love for him is stronger than that.

How am I going to pay for rent right after graduation without a job?

Am I really going to succumb to a retail job until I get a “real” job offer?

I’m trying to adjust to all these new changes,

all these new phases in my life,

and trying to incorporate it into his.

Adjusting is hard

and I haven’t even started yet,

especially with a significant other.

Just thinking about it is stressful.

But at least it’s good that I’m thinking a year ahead.

(And that he’s thinking a year ahead.)

Jennifer Gioia (c) 2014


I don’t know how people do it.

How can you trust someone

so much

and know that

they’ll never be dishonest with you

and go behind your back

and do something else

with someone you know

is closer to perfection

than you are?

It might be my insecurities

getting the best of me,

because I know that no one is perfect,

but that woman is way closer to it

than me.

What makes you decide

to be so invested,

so secure

in our relationship,

to know that you would

never do anything,

no matter how attractive

the woman in front of you is?

She’s not me.

I believe that I trust you,

I want to.

What if she made a move?

Would you stop her?

Would you tell her you’re in love,

she’s not the one,

I am?

My mind is spinning in circles

over these “what if questions”.

What if your thoughts drift away

and you listen to your body?

Would you allow your body

to control your mind?

Would you let yourself


to the lust

of someone else’s touch?

These thoughts race through my mind

every now and then.

And I can’t help but think,

and hope,

that you don’t think

these things.

That you love me

and only me.

That you’ll stay true,

and honest,

and show me

that it’s okay to fully trust someone,

that you won’t always get hurt,

that you’re the best thing

that’ll ever happen to me.

That you’re my forever.

My one and only.

Jennifer Gioia (c) 2013

Call Me Beautiful

I hate being cute.

I’m so adorable,


I’m just so freaking cute!

Cute, cute, cute!

Well you know what?

After years of hearing that,

it means nothing to me.

You might as well be saying I’m plain.

I want to hear something different.

You don’t say it as often as I’d like you to,

but when you do, at least it has meaning.

I want to be called pretty.





Maybe it’s just society and their cardboard boxes

making me feel this way,

but it doesn’t matter.

It’s still how I feel.

So change my day.

My week.

My month.

My life.

And call me beautiful.

Jennifer Gioia (c) 2013

Without You

At night I lie awake,

and I think of you.

I wonder if you think of me too.

Do you have just as much trouble

falling asleep without me

as I do you?

I hold back tears,

as I look at the emptiness

next to me in our bed.

They slowly escape anyway.

I wipe them away.

I won’t let myself break.

Why can’t the days move any faster

so you could be in my arms once again?

I feel pathetic,

and lonely,

and lost.

I don’t have a home,

without you.

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I Remember

Duncan and I at 12 years old.
Duncan, 8, and I, 12, the day we put him down.

I remember waking up

but not what time.

I remember my father crying

but not knowing why.

I remember the drive to say goodbye

but not where we were headed.

I remember seeing him in pain,

but not being able to help.

I remember my parents talking to a doctor

but not about what.

I remember holding his paw

as he slowly drifted away.

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Scared to Land


Sometimes I get this sinking feeling in my heart.
Sometimes it’s hard to understand why.
Sometimes it’s not.
I think it’s because I’m risking so much for this one man.
The one I call my best friend, my true love, my everything.
Without him I wouldn’t want to live.
I’m risking my whole life for this man.
What scares me is that he feels the same exact way.
I can’t go one day without thinking about him.
I can’t go one day without hoping I’m on his mind too.
I’m risking so much for love.
For what I know is true love.
Then why am I still scared to land when I’ve already fallen?

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