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About the Editor/Critic: I’ve been on Wattpad for over 7 years. I am a college graduate with a love for writing and editing. My degree is in Public Relations, so I have to be great at writing creatively and grabbing readers’ attention to foster a change in action. I’m all about editing. My grammar and spelling are always spot on (after at least one edit).

My Services: I offer my editing services to Wattpad writers like myself. I take on a handful of clients at a time with a payment of a mention in their online story. I also have a wait list for future clients who request my services.

I focus on grammar, spelling, writing, vocabulary, verb tenses, dialogue, plot, flow, pace, timeline, characterization, point-of-view, details, descriptions, length, conciseness, genres, as well as anything else requested by my clients.

However, I do not physically change anything except for grammar and spelling. It is my clients’ work, so it should stay in their own words from their own inspirations. I am only here to help my clients move along and become better writers.

Other Benefits: Not only do my clients receive valuable editing and critiquing, but they also gain the following:

  • I teach my clients the errors of their ways. I don’t just correct their work, but really help them understand what went wrong and how to prevent it in the future.
  • My clients’ work is featured in my designated “Stories I Edit” Wattpad reading list.
  • My clients’ work is featured on my designated “Stories I Edit” Pinterest board.
  • If my client writes up the optional testimony, their work will also be featured on my editing services website.
  • Votes can help push stories up the popularity lists on Wattpad. I also vote on every chapter of my clients’ work I edit to help them get there.

Statistics: I work with a variety of writers. Some have only one chapter written, others a whole story completed. As of January 2017, I’ve edited and critiqued 11 stories with over 180,000 views in total.

Your’s could be next!

Find out more here.

To see what stories I’m currently editing, check out my reading list here.

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