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Full-time, dedicated and patient Editor for original fiction only. Open [ ] Closed [x]

About the Editor: I’ve been on Wattpad for 7 years. I am a college graduate with a love for writing and editing. My degree is in Public Relations, so I have to be great at writing creatively and grabbing reader’s attention. I’m all about editing. My grammar and spelling are always spot on (after at least one edit).

This blog post is only for editing services. If you are looking for a critique, direct yourself to here.

Details: I will only take on a handful of clients at a time. Please message me if interested or if you would like to go on the wait list on here or here.

I do not edit fan-fiction; I probably won’t know much about what it’s based on. However, I edit all other genres as long as they’re original fiction. Also, if you’re writing mature content/smut, I’m pretty familiar with that stuff, and I don’t mind taking on a story with that content.

I am looking for a variety of writers. You can have only one chapter written so far, or maybe a whole story completed. Doesn’t matter to me.

If there is a certain area you’d like me to keep in mind while editing your work, please let me know ahead of time.

If you wish, I can also at the end of each part of your story, add a paragraph or two on how you can make your story more interesting, add more description, and maybe lengthen it, etc.

However, I will not change it for you, except for grammar and spelling. It is your story, so it should be your own words from your own inspirations. I’m only here to help you move along and become a better writer.

Guidelines: Please send me the following information when personally messaging me for a request:

  • Your name
  • Your time zone/location around the globe
  • Story title
  • Genre
  • An honest story summary/plot synopsis
  • What you would like me to focus on
  • If your story is completed
  • How often you plan on updating on Wattpad
  • If you have a deadline

Please send me your story in an email. You can share the story with me through Google Drive or in an attached Word document. I will message you my email address.

Payment: FREE! All I ask is you mention me in your story summary with a “thanks” for editing your story. :)

Response Time: My response time depends on how long the story is.

Important: If I give you my email address, please do not give it out to others. Thank you.

Can’t wait to edit your stories! :)

To see what stories, I’m currently editing, check out my reading list here.


I finally have the time to write fiction again!

Hi all!

So I know it’s been some time since I last published my creative writing on Wattpad. Honestly, I don’t know how half of the writers on Wattpad do it: being a full-time college student with a part-time job and still finding the time to write for fun! There’s also the argument that some majors are more time consuming than others. I will say the field of public relations, when running three full campaigns at once, is very time consuming.

Anyway, big news! I FINALLY have time to write for fun again now that I’m a college graduate. Yay! So after much debate on which story in my head to write, I give you: Sapphire.

Sapphire Cover

So for those who have read some of my previous works, you know I write for a mature audience. That being said, this will also be for a mature audience. However, more for violence and blood than anything else. Though I will say, there will probably be a few naughty scenes scattered about…

I’m writing this note to you all so the summary of Sapphire gets published for all your lovely eyes to see!

I’m way more experienced in only really writing in the romance and supernatural genres, so please bare with me as this is my first really action-y adventure (romantic, of course) drama.

I don’t have a set date on when the first chapter will be published, but please follow here or on Wattpad if you haven’t already, so you can receive an update the minute I post!

Thank you all in advance for you support.

Here’s the summary:

King Martin Bartel was a ruthless ruler. For over a decade, he declared war on surrounding countries to fulfill his greed. He was unfair to his people and disloyal to his Queen. Out of wedlock, came an infant born of sapphire eyes. To keep the King on the throne, he forced the mistress to give her away.

Eighteen years have passed and the girl with sapphire eyes has grown, raised by nuns, unaware of her lineage; all the while, watching the King and Queen fail time and time again to successfully have a male heir.

Eighteen years have passed and dangerous people of Hofstra are becoming aware that the King will never have a legitimate heir. It’s time for a new ruler, one that promises peace and prosperity. Soon, rumors spread of this man’s rightful place on the throne.

Soon, rumors spread that a girl with sapphire eyes could sabotage the whole revolution; that is, if she knows of her true birthright and if they don’t find her first.

Jennifer Gioia (c) 2016

I (finally) did it.

*Woosh* Eight emails being sent out through the internet.

I finally took the plunge and did it.

I did it. I sent out eight resumes!

It took me about three months of figuring out what kinds of jobs to search for, what locations to look in and to finally be emotionally and mentally ready to begin my career.

I wrote my cover letters to each company, tweaked my resume (adding that I am willing to relocate) and hit send.

I am so anxious right now. Can you say I’m freaking out a bit? Yeaa, probably.

But I did it! I am so proud of myself.

Now I just wait on those eight places, but I will still be on the look out for interesting PR agency job listings.

I am looking in North Carolina (Raleigh-Duram, Charlotte, Greenville) and the greater Chicago area.

If you didn’t already know this, I was born and raised in New York. I am still currently living the post-graduate life in New York.

But it’s time to get ready to say goodbye to New York and hello to NC/IL or wherever else I decide to apply in the near future.

I’ll keep you all posted on my job hunt, because maybe it’ll help you.

One question I do have that maybe you can help me with is how many is too many when applying for a career-type job?

Thanks! Wish me luck!

My Transition After College: Trying To “Hit The Ground Running.”

So I’ve been debating on whether or not to post this for a while now, considering the expectations and standards employers now hold regarding your online presence, but I’ve decided to take the risk.

I’ve used this blog as a, well, blog for over 6 years now and I shouldn’t let my future employers give me doubt on what to post here. Fairytales is my personal, creative writing blog and that won’t ever change.

If you’ve been with me since the beginning, I don’t know how to thank you enough. But if you’re new, hey, it’s nice to meet you. The name’s Jen. I am now 22 and a college graduate. I have way more confidence in myself than I did when Fairytales first came to fruition and I (finally) found true love. Also, happy 2016!

Now onto the main point of this post: cliche’s, because, well, everyone goes through this transition after college into the “adult world.”

However, no one ever tells you how difficult it is. You will feel stuck; you will feel like the last four years went by too quickly; you will second-guess what industry your degree is in; you will feel intimidated to begin your job search, no, your CAREER search.

I feel like everyone I knew that graduated before me went through this all alone, and now I am and it sucks. It sucks!

I didn’t get any warning. I didn’t hear any of my older friends complain or vent their insecurities to me. All I heard was:

“Oh, he found a job in blahblah state and is now loving his new life.”

“She’s such an adult now, living on her own in a big city and she loves her job.”


“Yeah, he moved back home with his parents, working a retail job, and his only friends are his co-workers who are either high schoolers or already parents. But he’s sticking it out, trying to find that right job to jump-start his career.”

Or the scariest one:

“She moved back home, has no friends left in her hometown and is working a dead-end job that has nothing to do with her degree.”

I think what sucks the most is that there is no real “guide” to direct you down the right path. This is ADULTHOOD. You pave your own path.

Well, paving your own path is hard. Can I just complain for once about this? Our generation has been conditioned to following the path our parents and the government have paved for us: Go to pre-school, go to elementary school, go to middle school, go to high school, go to college. Some even go to graduate school or further and get their PhD.

They used to expect us (college grads) to get a job, get another job, get another job, then find your career and stay put. Now they expect us to jump right into our career with our feet running.

Do you know how terrifying that sounds?

Don’t get me wrong, I am super grateful for the opportunities my life has given me to be able to have an education and to be able to do something with it. Please don’t take me to be an unappreciated college grad, because I understand the privilege that I have with a Bachelor’s degree, but am I the only one to feel this way? No, I can absolutely tell you, I am not.

But no one complains to the younger generations about it, so when they finally graduate, they feel just as lost. Well, that stops here! Let me be the one to share my insecurities about the “adult world” with you all.

I’ve already started paving my own path by using the fortunate college connections I have and am currently a freelance PR and social media consultant for a local business in my area. Because of my great college education, I am able to hit the ground with my feet running… I just haven’t really “hit the ground” yet with both feet.

This is my first paid PR-industry position after college and I’m feeling my way around. I do enjoy my client relying only on me to get things done, and so far it hasn’t been overwhelming all by myself. However, I will admit, I do miss working as a team with great people like I did in college. The creative brainstorming that can occur with a group is just something you can’t beat. But I’m excited to see what I can do for my client and to be able to help their business prosper.

I think I’m doing better off than some of my graduated peers who are only working retail, but then some of my other graduated peers already have a permanent full-time PR position. So I’m trying, but I’m stumbling.

I can see multiple paths, miles away, I just need to choose a path and start running.

So yeah, I’m stuck. Yeah, I’m intimidated. Yeah, I have no one but myself to make this decision. But that doesn’t mean I’m alone.

What I’ve found to really help is a great support system. It could be your parents, really amazing college professors, your college career development center, some awesome LinkedIn connections, or a head hunter. All you have to do is take that first step and reach out for it.

I have just begun to. I’ve only been a college graduate for a little over a month, and boy, is the pressure intense, but I know I can do it. I will find my way and pave my path into adulthood.

Some people just need to understand that it takes time…

Autumn is my favorite season.

I think I finally realized why autumn is my favorite season.

It’s because once it really is autumn all the leaves on the trees are bright



and reds.

They remind me of carrot tops,

which is a term I’ve grown accustomed to throughout my life.

My strawberry blond hair,

I was born with a patch of it on my head.

I used to think it was a burden

with people always calling me a carrot top.

I stood out in a crowd

with my bright strawberry blond hair.

Sometimes I hated it,

but sometimes I enjoyed it,

and it helps me be that type of person that loves

to be the center of attention.

Kind of like the trees

and how they’re so bright,

and they stand out from the deep

forest green of those pine trees around them.

But I think it’s a good thing

that they stand out,

and I think it’s a good thing

that I stand out.

Autumn is my favorite season,

not just because of the beautiful foliage,

and the Halloween holiday,

and my birthday is in the fall.

But also because I can relate to those trees,

and they remind me of myself.

Autumn is my favorite season

because I finally feel like I fit in.

Jennifer Gioia (c) 2015

My ‘Love for Writing’ Journey: Part Two.

I was finally doing what I loved in my classes: writing. I took poetry and fiction workshops, Greek mythology, Shakespearean studies, young adult literature, children fables, drama and much more. I loved every moment.

During my workshops, I realized I really enjoyed editing and critiquing other writers’ works. I thought maybe I could be an editor if I didn’t find success as a novelist.

I landed the position as the administrative assistant and editorial assistant supervisor for Saranac Review the spring semester of my freshman year. Saranac Review is an international literary journal published by the English department on campus.

I also began editing my friends’ papers and came to the realization that it was more frustrating than I had thought. I don’t like to boast about myself or degrade my generation, but I was appalled by my peers’ lack of proper grammar usage and writing techniques.

Editing wasn’t for me, to say the least.

Then spring semester of my sophomore year came along. I was taking a writing fiction workshop where we focused on writing a short story for the whole semester with multiple drafts. I wrote the short story “Stability.” I received a lot of great feedback and constructive criticism.

However, I realized that becoming a novelist was just a dream; a dream that I could not reach; a dream of from which I would not be able to make a living.

I had to give my dream up.

I freaked out. What was I supposed to do now? What will I do for the rest of my life? I still need a bachelor’s degree to be somewhat successful in life. What was I going to major in now?

These thoughts and questions were swirling through my mind until I found help at SUNY Plattsburgh’s Career Development Center.

I went to them at least twice a week for a month taking personality and aptitude tests and consulting about what my next step was.

I was pointed toward the Department of Public Relations. At first, I didn’t really know what PR was, just that it involved writing and people skills, both of which I possess.

So I filled out the necessary paperwork to change majors but made sure my English writing arts major wasn’t fully wasted. I used 18 of those credits towards an English minor.

I started my PR major by fulfilling the prerequisites, which included public speaking. I fell in love with public speaking. It gave me the confidence that I now hold in speaking to a large group.

I was still working for Saranac Review at the time, so I was also able to maintain my love for literature by working in the department.

My first immersed PR course I took was also with my academic advisor, Professor Colleen Lemza. She sparked my interest in the field with her enthusiasm and great stories of her experience. With PR, I was able to really make a difference in people’s lives with my writing, which, in the end, was what I always wanted.

I undoubtedly believe that without Colleen’s passion for PR, I would have second-guessed my major choice. She helped me find the passion I now have for PR.

Saranac Review gave me the experience as a valued leader in a publication, while the PR department gave me the great knowledge and enthusiasm of the industry.

Look for the third part coming soon. Haven’t read the first? Be a part of my journey here.

My ‘Love for Writing’ Journey: Part One.

Prince Charming saves the princess from an evil witch. That was the first real short story I remember writing. I was seven.

My mother has always encouraged my creative expression through dance, music and writing. Growing up, I expressed myself best through my writing of poetry, fictional short stories, journalling, lyrics and much more.

I have always had a vivid imagination, which would lead me to write anything that popped into my mind. From the beginning when I could first read, I also wrote. I wrote everything: poems about how blue the sky was or how I felt about playing music, and short stories about princesses, detectives or plain ordinary girls with problems just like myself. I started to take writing seriously when I was in seventh grade. I spent numerous hours creating plots; characters; twists and turns; and constantly changing the climax of each story.

Once I reached high school, I realized I could make a career out of my passion.

When I was 14, I stumbled upon two websites that were specifically made for aspiring creative writers. They included poems, lyrics, stories, etc. Quizilla was one, but no longer exists after TeenNick bought it, and Mibba was the second, which rightfully is still alive.

Based on the positive feedback from readers and other amateur writers like myself, I started taking writing more seriously. I love to write fictional romance, fantasy and free-style poetry.

Sophomore year in high school was when I started writing poetry constantly. I’d write poetry anywhere and everywhere: on my homework, my class notes and sometimes even my hand. I love writing poetry because it’s just an easy way to express how I feel. Before poetry entered my life, I used to have such trouble describing how I felt fully to anyone. After poetry, my stress was gone, I could think clearly and relax.

I love reading and writing poetry. I like to read the amateur poetry from poets around my age, with the same burning passion to write and some with the same problems. Those strangers, through the computer of many online writing sites, inspired me to be the amateur poet I am today. I don’t plan on making a career out of my poetry, I just like it as it is now, a hobby. When I was 16, I created this blog as a way to share my expression. I found other inspiring bloggers that shared my passion for all kinds of writing.

As high school graduation grew near, I knew I wanted to write fiction for a living … or at least that’s what I thought.

After graduation, I entered The State University of New York College at Plattsburgh. I started my freshman year as a declared English writing arts major, with the aspirations of becoming a fictional novelist.

Looking back now, I was young, optimistic and naive.

Move along my journey to the second part here. Haven’t read the introduction? Be a part of my journey here.

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