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I Remember

Duncan and I at 12 years old.
Duncan, 8, and I, 12, the day we put him down.

I remember waking up

but not what time.

I remember my father crying

but not knowing why.

I remember the drive to say goodbye

but not where we were headed.

I remember seeing him in pain,

but not being able to help.

I remember my parents talking to a doctor

but not about what.

I remember holding his paw

as he slowly drifted away.

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“Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted” Film Review

Over the summer, I was interning at Hudson Valley Parent Magazine. My job was to review summer family films. This is the first of the three films I reviewed. It is directed more towards parents. The other two films I reviewed (that will be posted later this week) are “Ice Age 4: Continental Drift” and Disney’s new princess, “Brave”. Enjoy! :) Continue reading “Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted” Film Review

Fifty Things I Learned My Freshman Year of College.

How is this possible? A whole school year gone with already? Can you believe it? I still remember writing that article on what to pack for college. I still remember unpacking into my dorm room and the craziness that followed. I still remember how my roomie and I met:

I had spent the previous week at the Odyssey Program and one of the challenges was to not shower for the whole week. To say the least, I owned that challenge. I did not shower for a week. It was one of the most fun and grossest weeks of my life. When Saturday morning finally came, I dropped my camping supplies on the floor of my new dorm, grabbed my shower caddy, and booked it to the bathroom. Literally, that shower had never felt so good in my life. When I finished, I walked back in only my towel to find my new roommate and her mother unpacking her stuff. Can I say awkward? Luckily, they were about to leave to make another trip to the car, so I had enough time to look presentable. It’s one of the funniest, most awkard situations I’ve ever heard about roomies meeting for the first time. And of course, I had to be the one to experience it.

Anyway, I remember starting college like it was just yesterday. Time flies by so fast, and it really makes you look back and wonder where it all went. I remember my eighteenth birthday: We went apple picking and then to a steak house with my family. I remember Halloween: I was Wonder Woman and my roomie was Robin. I remember Thanksgiving: I stuffed my face like every year. I remember finals for the first semester and how I crammed like a crazy person. I remember being home for winter break and celebrating Christmas and New Years. I remember celebrating it with the boy I love (for the first time ever). I remember returning for the spring semester. I remember Valentine’s Day. It was the first Valentine’s Day in my life where I was dating someone – especially someone that I love. I remember spring break. I did absolutely nothing but get over a cold and write three papers. And now it’s May and I’ll be done in two weeks.

I definitely learned a lot during my first year of college. A lot has changed as well. Here they are:

  1. I learned how to share a bedroom with someone. I’ve never had a roommate before.
  2. I learned how to do my laundry.
  3. I learned how to live on my own without my mother nagging me to do my homework or study. (My roommate replaced my mother for me, just like I did for her.)
  4. I fell in love.
  5. I learned how to cook homemade frozen meatballs and spaghetti in the microwave.
  6. I learned that bread goes bad after a while and it molds and it really, really smells bad. (Like I gagged.)
  7. I learned that you need your Student ID with you at all times, otherwise, you can’t eat, buy things, or get into buildings.
  8. I learned to never let your cell phone battery die while out partying.
  9. I learned that your bra can be a pocket when you have no other option.
  10. I learned that people can either be very welcoming or rude.
  11. I learend that high school drama doesn’t stop in college. – According to my mother, it continues into your career life as well.
  12. I learned that college students are very broke.
  13. I’ve learned to save money the smart way.
  14. I’ve learned how to be way more organized and on task with things.
  15. I’ve learned how long it takes to walk from one building to the next so I’m not late for class.
  16. I’ve learned that procrastination will dig you into a deep, deep hole and then burry you alive. Don’t procrastinate.
  17. I’ve learned to always read the textbook, even if the professor doesn’t say to.
  18. I’ve learned that review sessions before exams are very rare, so if your professor offers one, GO TO IT.
  19. I’ve learned that the writing field is way more difficult than I expected.
  20. I’ve learned that expereince is key – especially in jobs/internships/etc.
  21. I’ve become a more mature person.
  22. I actually know half the time I see myself as an adult. (Sometimes I forget that I’m eighteen. I’ll probably forget when I turn nineteen in five months too.)
  23. I’ve learned that the walls between dorms are not as thick as you think. Your neighbor could know your whole life story without once even talking to you.
  24. My priorities shifted. – Food and naptime became way more important than a shower or going out partying.
  25. I’ve become a night eater. – I eat so much at night, and maybe one or two meals during the day.
  26. The garbage and recycables pile quickly.
  27. I’ve become way more lazy.
  28. I’ve learned how to master shaving my legs in the cramped dorm showers. Once I finish, I always feel like a gymnaist.
  29. I call my mother almost every day. If not, I’d probably not be dong as fine as I am now about the whole home-sick ordeal.
  30. People change their majors/minors all the time. – I actually declared a minor in Journalism. So now I’m majoring in English Writing Arts and minoring in Journalism. Can’t get any better than that.
  31. I don’t think I’ve ever been so stressed in my whole entire life! I think I’ve learned how to deal with my stress quite well. However, lately I’ve been resulting to ice cream. I never noticed how delicious Ben & Jerry’s was until college.
  32. Naps aren’t always a good idea. It could be three in the afternoon and all you want to do is sleep, however, don’t. You’ll just wake up feeling crappier than before. Force yourself to stay awake for the rest of the day until bedtime. (Although, sometimes, it’s nice to give in.)
  33. Elevators break easily and very often. So take the stairs as much as possible in case you get stuck and then be forever known as the girl who got stuck in the elevator during the fire drill. I’ve seen it happen! Plus, it’s good exercise.
  34. The whole stereotypical college student with a car isn’t always true. I mean, it’s a stereotype. Half the time, they’re false. Not everyone will ask you for rides all the time and use up all of your gas. So don’t worry, Dad.
  35. You will eat cereal like it’s a bag of chips. Especially Special K with Strawberries. YUM.
  36. Campbells microwavable soup in a cup in a genuis invention. Especially when you’re sick.
  37. Always have an infinite supply of medicine during flu season.
  38. Water bottles or Brita filters? I could never decide. I’ve tried both. However, since my roomie and I are lazy, we’ve come to the conclusion of water bottles.
  39. It’s okay if you change your major a bunch of times. My roommate went from a French Education major to undeclared to a Math Education major. My other friend went from undelcared with a minor in Biology to Criminal Justice. Unfortunately for her, she has to transfer. Hey, it happens.
  40. Coffee will become your best friend.
  41. Always make sure you have a walking home buddy when going out.
  42. A planner is ideal.
  43. Bookmarks are essential.
  44. Office supplies are one of the most useful things ever.
  45. You can never have too many pillows, until you reach the point where you have to put them on the floor when you go to bed, otherwise there will be no room for you.
  46. Themed parties are usually always fun, but they can sometimes be a bust.
  47. Get involved on campus. I’m part of the LGBTQ club on my campus called S.O.U.L. It’s a great way to make a difference, meet new people, and eat free food.
  48. Literally, try going to every event on campus. Almost all of them serve free food. Free food is amazing!
  49. Sororities and Fraternities aren’t as bad as Hollywood makes them out to be.
  50. And number fifty, storage containers are magical. They’re great for storing under the bed.

So, that’s it! I definitely learned a lot, and I hope what I’ve shared with you will help you as well. Right now, I’m just looking forward to passing all my finals and then going to the BEACH!!!! :D Summer is almost here. I can feel it! Just two more weeks of college and then I’m home! :)