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Enrique Vs. Ian.

If you’ve seen my past posts (On Another Note… and On Another Note… Part II) then you all know my love, and maybe your love, for Enrique Iglesias and Ian Somerhalder.

Now it is time to choose. Who is more attractive, better, awesome-r, amazing-er, sexier, etc. Because I’m too indecisive to choose. Plus, in my opinion, this is a difficult question. And yes, I know some words from above aren’t really words. :P

Before you vote, I’ll refresh your memory for you.

Enrique Iglesias:

Ian Somerhalder:



Good luck! C:

On Another Note…

I am in love with you, Ian Somerhalder!

Could you be any more adorable?

So handome.



Grrrr RAWR! ;F

*Cue dramatic sigh.*

Okay, I’m done with my crazy boy obsession. But who could blame me? Was crazy about him on Lost and still am on Vampire Diaries! :D

I hope you enjoy these wonderful photos just as much as I do. <3