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My Trip to Boston


It was five thirty in the morning when I woke up. Ben turns over next to me and says that we need to get out of bed. I mumbled into my pillow and closed my eyes again. Five forty-five, I finally stumble out of bed and throw clothes on. I run to the bathroom down the hall and put on my face and contacts. I get back to the room and see that Ben’s still in his pajamas. As he’s getting dressed, I put my stuff together. My school work, sweatpants, and hoodie in my book bag, as well as two umbrellas. The weather channel said it was supposed to rain. I make sure my bus ticket is in my purse as I put my scarf on. Ben puts his coat on and we leave.

We make it to the bus at six fifteen in the morning. I haven’t been up this early in, it seems forever. We sit next to our friends and sign in with two girls that were a part of the trip. The bus starts to slowly roll away from campus and the picks up speed on the highway. I look forward to a four hour ride from Plattsburgh, NY to Boston, MA. Half the ride I spend sleeping, the other half I spend killing the battery on my iPod, listening to music and playing video games. It’s not until four hours have gone and we stop at a rest stop, that we realize the bus driver has taken the long way. So instead of four hours on the bus, it’s around five and half/six hours long.

We finally arrive at Boston around one in the afternoon. The girls behind the trip tell us to be back here at a quarter to ten. We decide to walk around the market square and check out the stores. American Eagle, Urban Outfitters, and H&M are just some of the stores we went to. We also went to a bunch of small shops that sold records, books, hats, fishing gear, and military clothing. We stopped at Starbucks and I got my delicious latte then a 7Eleven for the guys to buy their slurpees.

We stop at this restaurant called Dick’s Last Resort. It’s known for their service to be “dicks”. The waiter was supposedly funny rude to us all. Each of us got a paper hat that they wrote mean things on. Mine said, “I’m just like every other soulless ginger, just fun size!” I ordered a half rack of ribs. Just going to say, delicious. The fries were the perfect amount of crispiness. YUM.

After lunch, we walked through the city, looking for Prudential Center. Let me just say, this mall is one the of the most fancy malls I’ve ever been to. As well as on of the most expensive. We ate Ben and Jerry’s ice cream at the food court, as well as dinner. Best quesadilla I had in a long time.

I bought a pair of shorts at American Eagle and two books at Barnes and Noble, “Bittersweet” by Sarah Ockler and “Suite Scarlett” by Maureen Johnson. I can’t wait to read them! They are definitely being added to my Novel List.

After the mall, we walked back to the general area where the bus would be. It was only eight at night. We decided to stop by the bay. It was beautiful. The sailboats looked like so much fun.

On the bus ride back home, I slept through it all. I guess I didn’t need to bring my notebooks to do work. I slept both ways on the bus instead. Let me just say that Boston is nothing compared to New York City, however, it’s one of the cleanest cities I’ve ever been too. What I did like was how the air didn’t taste like pollution like NYC does. The sky was so clear at night, I was able to see stars. Who can do that? See stars in a city? I loved it. I also loved the architecture, it was so beautiful and old.

Ben and I are definitely coming back next year. :)


One Year Anniversary of Fairytales!!!

I just want to thank all of my subscribers, fans, and random people who stumble upon my blog while being bored online for all the support you’ve given me. It’s been exactly one year today when I first posted on this blog. Thank you all so much again! I could not have done it without you! (:

– Jenny

Packing For College.

Can be hectic. It can also be stressful and nerve-wracking.

But there is a way to be calm, collected, and in control about it.

First you need to decide what you’re taking and what you’re leaving behind. Sometimes, the situation might call for throwing away some things as well. It’s best to do that in advance.

Then of course, the shopping. For a coffee machine, a mini-fridge, a television, a rug, and a curtain. And if you want, some posters to spruce up those white walls of your dorm room. Be prepared to spend a lot, like a lot, a lot. So much freaking money! I’m telling you!

Number three on the list is choosing your weapon of packing. Metaphorically, of course. Cardboard boxes, plastic boxes, plastic garbage bags, plastic shopping bags. People usually choose depending on their mode of transportation.

Next is choosing your path on how to get there. Plane, train, boat, car, bus, mini-van, or van? I am taking a mini-van and a car. Hopefully it can fit all my crap.

Finally it’s move-in day at college. People are bustling around with their families, big heavy boxes in everyone’s arms, and the occasional tears from every parent. Yes, you too, Dad.

You would love to unpack and have your closet look like this:

But we all know it’s going to look like this:


You make your bed, double-check that you have everything you need, say goodbye to your family, and watch them drive away.

Once the coast is clear, its partying time!!!

Haha, I’m joking. We’re joking Mom and Dad. What we really meant to say was hit the books, stay up all night studying, and ace every paper.

Cause we all know that’s what college is really for. *innocent grin*

Good luck packing everyone!

My Six-Day Cruise: Key West, Cayman Islands, and Jamaica.

So, it started out early to catch the plane. It was on a Sunday at 5 o’clock in the morning I had to wake up. Crazy! When we finally got to Ft. Lauderdale, FL we had to wait in even more lines to just get onto the ship. The ship was huge, Carnival Freedom. When we finally saw our room, it was three in the afternoon. I was starving! Considering all I had was coffee at the airport at six in the morning. Like I said before, crazy! Then we explored the ship. It had three salt water pools, four hot tubs, a water slide (it went faster if you were on your stomach), a spa, a gym, a casino, a piano bar (where I spent most of my nights with my mum), and much, much more. It was great!

The second day we spent at the Key West Islands, the last place in the U.S. before we were in continental waters. We went snuba along a reef. Snuba is like scuba diving and snorkeling put together. I’ll tell you right now, I cannot breath under water. I felt as if I was hyperventilating. No matter how much I tried to control my breathing, I just kept gasping rapidly. We saw a bunch of fish and my younger brother saw lobsters. I touched some plant-thing (I don’t know what it was called, haha) and also a pretty shell that had an animal in it. Tuesday was a day at sea.

Wednesday we went to the Cayman Islands where we… Wait for it… SWAM WITH DOLPHINS AND STINGRAYS!!! It was soooo cool! The best day of my life! The dolphin my family swam with was called Pepe. He was 13 years old. I rode on his back and held him and also kissed him. He also stuck his tongue out at me. It was great. After that we went swimming with the stingrays. I was scared at first, because I didn’t want to get shocked by their tails, but they’re actually very genuine and gentle creatures. I actually kissed it too! Supposedly, it’s seven years good luck if you kiss a stingray.

Thursday we were in Ochos Rios, Jamaica. There I climbed the Dunns River Falls. It was beautiful and fun too. Then we went to a Jamaican beach party. I’ll tell you right now, their rum and beer was disgusting, haha. Their music was good and the water was nice and calm.

Friday was another day at sea.

Then Saturday came. The day to say goodbye. They wanted us off the ship by 8 o’clock in the morning and our flight wasn’t until noon. Luckily I brought my notebook so I was able to write to waste the time. I got really tan, which is always good. And I hope to go again soon, maybe this time in Europe. Though I hear those cruises are like three weeks long.

I still feel the rocking of the sea if I stay still for a moment in a quite room and close my eyes. It’s peaceful, I love this feeling. You know, you spend the whole day swimming in the ocean and that night when you go to bed, you feel as if you’re being rocked to sleep. Love it.

Well, maybe I’ll have pictures up soon. I hope you all had a great fourth of July for those who celebrate.

Psychotic ramblings of my mind. A.K.A.: When Will The Stress Leave?

Work, work, work.

Cleaning, ringing up customers, organizing, helping complaining customers, cleaning again, etc.

School, school, school.

Midterms, research papers, term papers, finals, tests, quizzes, homework, projects, etc.

Home, home, home.

Parents down your back 24/7, your annoying little brother taking your things and hiding them, the dogs wanting to go outside, then back inside, then back outside within ten minutes, doing favors for your family, helping them with their problems, fighting, arguing, apologizing.

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Have you ever walked into a retail store and realized how messy it is?

Have you ever walked into a retail store and realized how messy it is? You think to yourself, “Wow! Where are the people who work here? There’s shirts hanging off of hangers, there’s shoes where the toys go, and why are there walnuts next to the towels? Don’t these people know how to clean their store?”

Well, lucky for you, I have the answer for your worries! It’s your fault! Maybe not you in particular, but you in general. The customer is what I mean. If the customers were, I don’t know, maybe a little bit neater, or even more polite, when they shopped, then the store would look nice.

So next time your walking down an aisle and you elbow accidently hits a hanger, the shirt falls onto the floor, and you look around to see if anyone saw you do it, please don’t walk away. Pick it up, put the shirt back on the hanger, and hang it back where its rightful place is.

Because if you don’t, the next person won’t either, and then you’ll be wondering why there are walnuts next to the towels.

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