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Loving you is easy

Loving you is easy.

I always want to be with you

and do everything together.

We’re always on the same page,

on the same team,

in the same boat.

Loving someone has never been this easy

in my life.

That’s crazy for me to think about.

Every day

I feel so fortunate and blessed

to have you in my life.

Every day you show me more and more

why I love you

and how our love just keeps


deeper and deeper.

More and more,

I am seeing signs of us

that we were meant to be,

that we were made for each other,

that you are my one and only.

Loving you is the easiest thing

I have ever done

and I hope to do it


Copyright (C) Jennifer Gioia 2018.

Scared to Land


Sometimes I get this sinking feeling in my heart.
Sometimes it’s hard to understand why.
Sometimes it’s not.
I think it’s because I’m risking so much for this one man.
The one I call my best friend, my true love, my everything.
Without him I wouldn’t want to live.
I’m risking my whole life for this man.
What scares me is that he feels the same exact way.
I can’t go one day without thinking about him.
I can’t go one day without hoping I’m on his mind too.
I’m risking so much for love.
For what I know is true love.
Then why am I still scared to land when I’ve already fallen?

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