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One Year Anniversary of Fairytales!!!

I just want to thank all of my subscribers, fans, and random people who stumble upon my blog while being bored online for all the support you’ve given me. It’s been exactly one year today when I first posted on this blog. Thank you all so much again! I could not have done it without you! (:

– Jenny

Have I Disappeared?

Where have I been?

Have I fallen off the face of the Earth?

Have I decided to kill Fairytales?


Don’t even think of that horror!!!!!

Yes, I realize I’ve  broken my pledge to post once a day. But seriously people, those of you who are able to achieve this goal are monsters.

Crazy good monsters that is.

Or crazy bad… It depends.

It depends on whether or not you have amazing time management skills and lots of things to talk (write) about.

Or it depends on whether you have no life and don’t do anything really at home other than go online or play video games.

For those of you who fall under the lines of the second, I pity you.

For those of you who fall under the lines of the first, I envy you.

I think, in my own opinion, that I have some pretty damn good time management skills, but then there’s the chance of, “I”m just not in the mood.” Or “I’m too lazy to get off the couch and walk all the way upstairs to get my laptop.”


Those have been my day’s lately.

Or it’s the occasional, “I don’t know what to write about. What should I say? How do I not know what to say? Wow, my life must be bland… I’m pathetic.”

Thanks me, I really appreciate the compliment. Note the sarcasm dripping from my mouth, or rather fingertips.

So, I apologize WordPress and viewers of Fairytales for breaking my pledge of Post-A-Day 2011. I bet more than half the people on WordPress who pledged along with this also broke it at least once.

This post really has no point, other than the fact that I’m not dead and neither is Fairytales.

Fairytales will never die, for they are legends, myths, fantasies. People will always want to talk about them. I know I sure do. (:

So, happy March everyone. Wow, this year is flying by already! It’s been seven months! Fairytales is seven months old! I’m so proud! *Teary-eyed.*

But you know what that means… Four months until I graduate high school! FINALLY!!!

Who knew fifteen years could seem so long and so short at the same time? Really, it’s quite sad and annoying, which kind of contradicts each other, if you ask me.

As a student, school feels like years and years, and it is. Even though it’s just fifteen years, grades one through twelve, kindergarten, and two years of preschool. Now, as my fifteen years of school come to a close, I realize that it didn’t really take that long. Only a decade and a half.

I’m rambling, and streaming my consciousness, but everyone does that.

So, without further ado (I always wanted to say that), I’ll bring this post to a close.

Goodbye everyone and goodnight.

Have a wonderful week. I hope I do. (:

So I’m Trying To Post Everyday…

Yeaa, so I’m trying to post everyday. Before I only did when I had something creative to share. But now, I’ve decided to try and post everyday. Even if it’s just a picture, a quote, the psychotic ramblings of my mind, or just a word.

So, I hope to live up to the expectations I’ve just set for myself. But I’m giving my self a due date. June 24, 2011. The day I graduate high school. After that I know my life will be hectic with getting ready for college, i.e. packing, saying goodbye to friends-very sad.

Anywho, this will unfortunately be my only post for today because:

1) I’m exhausted. I worked last night AND this morning. Enough said…

And 2) Well, that’s pretty much it. I’m too tired to even think about what to write.

I usually need inspiration, even if it’s the psychotic ramblings of my mind. I like the way that sounds. Psychotic ramblings of my mind. Okay, I think you’ve heard that enough for one day.

I’m going to use that as the title for my next post.

So, yes I guess you could say, that this post is pointless, but I’m bored and waiting for another half hour to past before the Jets play against the Colts. Which is kind of conflicting for me, considering I’m a fan of both NFL teams. And my family are only Jet fans.

So, good luck to the Jets and Colts tonight. And to everyone else reading this post. I don’t know what I’m wishing you all good luck in, but whatever you need luck with for tonight, I’m wishing you it. Wow, that was a rambling, long, run-on sentence. I’m too tired to even fix it.

I might  as well go to bed.

Yeah, I think I’ll play The Sims 3 = Best. Game. Ever. Other than COD.

Goodnight everyone! :D

– Jenny