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Professional World Here I Come!

So it is now highly recommended to not only have a LinkedIn profile, but to now also have your own resume website. From what I’ve been told, future employers will Google you when they see your name in the pile of resume applications. So, to prepare myself for the professional world I will be entering in one year, I’ve created jennifergioia.com.

If you are interested in what I’ve done for the past four years, check it out. I will be updating it with new information as my professional career grows. There are also a few writing clips of press releases, hard news, and feature articles I’ve written for college courses and practicums.

If anyone has any feedback at all, I’d really appreciate it. If you have a professional resume website, share it with me. I’d love to see what other people are doing and how they’re presenting themselves to the online web.

Happy Holidays! :)

Don’t You Just Love Spring?

Especially when it’s humorous? Don’t you just love anything that’s humorous?

Well, here ‘ya go! :D

On another note…

I have a new affiliate! :D YAY ME!

The website, Lameface, is a site created for mostly Mibba users. They have profile layouts, avatars, signatures, comment links, color schemes, dividers, and tutorials. Soon there will be CSS layouts, fix image effects, more signatures, story layouts (which I’m the most excited for!) and more layouts.

So, go on and check it out! :D