Why I Write

            I have been writing since I can remember. Basically since I first learned how to read phonics when I was three. Thank you Mum for the premature reading lessons. I have always had a very vivid imagination, which would lead me to write anything that popped into my mind. From the beginning of when I could first read, I also wrote. I wrote everything. Little poems about how blue the sky was or how I felt about playing music; and short stories about Princesses, detectives, or plain ordinary girls with problems just like myself. I wrote my first story was when I was seven years old. It was an old cliché; an evil Witch kidnaps the Princess and Prince Charming saves the day.

            However, not until I was in seventh grade did I start to take writing seriously. I spent numerous hours creating plots, characters, twists and turns, constantly changing the climax of each story. As a freshman in high school, I found two websites that were specifically made for aspiring creative writers; consisting of poems, lyrics, stories, etc.  They are called Quizilla and Mibba. Based on the positive feedback from readers and other amateur writers like myself, I started taking it more seriously. I love to write fictional romance, fantasy, and poetry. I hope to attempt horror one day.

            Sophomore year in high school was when I started writing poetry constantly. I’d write poetry anywhere and everywhere. On my homework, my class notes, my hand, sometimes even on the desks in school. I love writing poetry because it’s just an easier way to express how I feel. Before poetry entered my life, I used to have such trouble describing how I felt fully to my parents, friends, teachers; anyone. After poetry, my stress was gone, I could think clearly, and it’s just really relaxing. I love reading and writing poetry. But I’ll let you in on a little secret. No famous poet has inspired me. I barely know any famous poets or poems by name. I never really focused on published poetry. I like the amateur poets who are around the same age as me, with the same burning passion to write as me, and some have the same type of problems as me. Those strangers through the computer of many online writing sites inspired me to be the amateur poet I am today. I don’t plan on making a career out of my poetry. I like it just as it is now, a hobby. Just another way to express myself.

            I created this blog for the simple reason of pouring my imagination out. Otherwise, my head would most likely explode with all these thoughts whirling around. I love to read and write and aspire to one day make a living out of it. I am attending SUNY Plattsburgh and  currently employed on campus at Saranac Review Literary Magazine as the Administrative Assistant to the Editor, as well as the Supervisor of the Interns. I love it; it’s a great opportunity to experience the editing and publishing field of writing. I’ve always focused more on the novelist aspect of the writing field. However, with my new job, I am able to see the other facet of the writing field.

            Writing has been in my life since I can remember. And it will stay until the day I die. It’s the only way I can fully express myself without any doubt. I do not worry if I am judged by my writing. I feel as if my writing is my true self; my soul; a part of me; of who I am. Without writing, my life would seem bland, mediocre, and pointless. So once again, thanks Mum for starting my love for the written language at such an early age.

             This blog was created for one of my many creative outlets. It has poetry, songs, quotes, articles, novel reviews, my novel list, short stories, pictures, and the psychotic ramblings of my mind that I’ve written. It’s not to show you my skills, it’s to express myself in just another way; this way looking pretty. So please comment all you want on any of them. This is for all to enjoy. Almost everything is Copyrighted, so please do not break the law.

Copyright © 2012 JG

All rights reserved.

2 thoughts on “Why I Write”

    1. Thank you so much for your nomination. I apologize for not getting back to you in almost a year. I really appreciate that you believe I rightfully deserve this award. So thank you again, yourstruliejulie! :)

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